Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fat lips and crazy nights

I have been bad lately. We received 2 huge contracts at work and I have been busy. Work was been the only time I could get on the Internet with out a toddler climbing all over me and pushing buttons, so needless to say, now that work is for, well, work, I am behind on reading and writing. But, I still have a job which is a very good thing now that I am again a SINGLE mommy. So to that I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

Our last soccer game got canceled do to the weather. Imagine that here in unpredictable Colorado. Oh well, hopefully Spring comes around quick this year. Yeah right!

We are having our annual soccer banquet this weekend which is just a politically correct way to say "the girls are hitting D town to cause some upheaval! There may or may not be talk about it afterwards.

My daycare lady/friend went on vacation this last week and my mother and I had to take turns taking days off work to watch my daughter. Being single now, I really can't afford to miss even an hour of work at this point, so that's gonna leave a mark. I am glad she is back. We love her.

Oh boy, went out with Mindy last Saturday night. We were home by 11:30 (which I consider early) and I still don't remember the last hour of our night. Something about me sitting on Mindy's daughter, Mindy falling on the floor and laughing for an hour and a trail of heels and scarfs and I don't know where my mommy is! It can not ever be said that we don't know how to have a good time.

My sweet daughter hit me with her dolly last night and I have a fat bloody lip right now. I look like I took 2nd in a MMA fight. She has been fighting a cold for a couple weeks now and has been having nightmares every night. My poor baby. Maybe she has just been plotting how to make mommy look like a goofball. We have been spending a lot of time together. She is growing up so quickly. She changes daily and it is so much fun now that she can talk. She is getting such a great personality! I love it!!

Now to go catch up reading all of my favorite blogger friends posts!


  1. LOVE the photos. Hilarious! :)

  2. Wait, wasn't it Friday night when we went out? ;)

    Good times, girlfriend. You're such a good friend to help me remove my boots when I can't - even if that means falling onto my daughter's lap in the process.

    And maybe the fat-lip look will work in your favor. Ya never know.

  3. The pics are AWESOME. Damn... you and Mind should start your own photo blog about your evenings out.

    Thinking of you! And sending lots of hugs!

  4. OMG Mindy! It was Friday wasn't it. I am really pathetic!

  5. Cute pics! Miss M is wearing around a pair of lips like that as well left over from Halloween. They have fangs on them though. She puts them on and squeals "Monster baby!" and chases me around the apartment.

  6. I got a rare night out this week when kiddos mom took her for the night. I was home by midnight, but really don't remember the last hour either. Something about drinking $1 beers at the VFW Hall down the street with my friends always does that to me. Good luck with that lip.

  7. Ahhh the pics are hilarious! What a sweetie.

  8. My what big lips she has!!

    Hope the divorce is going smoothly

  9. Those pics are hilarious!!!

    ARe your lips that big too? I gotta go drinking with you and Mindy sometime. I mean, I drank with her already. Where were you?

  10. Love the big lips! Great photos!!! I got hit in the face with the Little People's School house the other about an OH DAMN moment! Kid is strong....

    Hoping the fat lip heals soon :O) Have a great weekend. Thanks for updating us!

  11. Agh, she's beyond adorable. Glad you're out there having a bit of fun. :)

  12. Love those plump lips!! Too funny.

  13. hey, i suck way worse than you lately.

    i almost forgot i had a blog.

    miss you!