Monday, March 29, 2010

All worn out!

I was on a roll with my work outs and then life, old age and Colorado weather hit me and now the only roll I am on is around my gut.
1st, my knees hurt, so I went to the doc and he said that my knee caps were turned and all I needed to do was to build up a bit more muscle. Ouch! Hey I knew that!

Then came my 1st soccer game of the year and my cute new shoes gave me blisters. I sat a week out from running for that one. Damn cute shoes. What can I say, a girl has gotta look good.

Then, my hip was feeling sore everyday after I ran and then I felt a little pop and guess what. One more week out of the gym for me. Oh, and a new pair of good running shoes.

Now, my little germ factory brought home a cold from Mindy’s house that is just bad enough to keep me from running any distance. Thanks Mindy!

Then add into that, the weather around here hasn’t been too soccer friendly. The last 2 games were canceled because of snow and this Sunday is Easter so we won’t have a game.

Please tell me that nothing else can happen. I think my three are all used up now.

I signed up for my ½ marathon today, so this momma better suck it up and endure the wrath that has been bestowed upon me the last few weeks.

I have until June 6th if anyone (T) has any suggestions on how to train for a 13.1 mile run at an altitude of almost 10000ft. I am all ears.


  1. What a time you've had. My own germ factory just came down with her 5th cold this season. My nerves!

    Good luck with your training, I think if I strapped on running shoes and went out the door, I just might not come back for a while.


  2. Try those blister bandaids made by Band-Aid...they really do work wonders.

    As for the germ factory.....could you sell her? lol

    Good luck with your training. Is this your first 1/2 marathon?

  3. Hey! Not fair to blame me and my little germ receptical. Toots coulda picked it up anywhere. ;)

    Hope you get back to your usual self soon.

  4. I guess my .02 would be to get up every day and keep training no matter what, no matter how bad you want to stop.

    You are doing great, keep it up ! My knees have been hurting like a bitch, too.

  5. can help with the muscle building in your legs. mon wed fri/ 10 sets of 5 squats with oh say 10 to 20 pounds for about two weeks. do those through out the course of the day... 5 sets in the morning 3 at lunch and then 2 right before dinner or mix it up. go down as low as you can without falling.... after the two weeks add five pounds.... that'll help build the muscle to support your knees and hips.... will also work your stabilizer muscles from your legs to your abs....

  6. Well what I would to train is to tun 26.2 miles each day in a higher altitude. That should do it. Oh yeah you can take Wednesdays off.

    Since I don't run unless something is chasing me I wouldn't know what to tell you!

    I hope you get to feeling better all over tho!

  7. ugh!! can relate.I finally got back to working out 5 weeks ago..BUT every day I am having to not do something else..or do it at a completely different time then is never simple. a half marathon is a great goal! good for you!!

  8. germ factories....ugh....

    Isn't it crazy how some days we feel as though we are 90?

  9. I'm tired just reading about your efforts. I have no advice, but can cheer you on :)

  10. I know it's so hard when things get in your way!!! Hang in there. And woo-hoo to the 1/2 marathon!

  11. Yeah. I still don't understand why you guys want to challenge your bodies like that. I applaud you...from the sidelines. Life is often challenging enough.

  12. Make sure to not wear yourself out. The body needs time to heal. If you work out with an injury, you can make it much worse. Be smart....train at a pace....get plenty of well to replenish calories needed to build muscle...and make sure to let the body heal.

    I commend your heart on your toughness.