Friday, June 11, 2010

You have questions? I have answers!

I don’t know what is going on with me but I got nada, shit, nothing right now. I have been so un-blog-ish lately. Even the stuff I want to write about won’t escape my brain long enough to write it down.

So instead, I am leaving it up to you all.

You want to ask me a question?

You want to know something about me that I haven’t already spewed all over the place?

I will be an open book if you ask!

Give me something people, help a sister out!

PS… I love you all!!! My commenter’s are the best and you make me smile daily.


  1. How many Q's do I get? I have a lot of them. Might be easier over an adult beverage but since you live in the arctic and I'm allergic to being cold I reckon that won't happen.

    Other than being ET and eating skittles what do you like to eat? What is your fave meal, or what would you eat for supper tonight if you could choose anything a-tall?

  2. Sage, we can have a virtual adult drink sometime and I will tell you all of my secrets.

    Hmmm, if I had to put down my skittles for a while and I were down South where the seafood is fresh, I would be scarfing down some lobster, crab, shrimp, salmon, tuna, basically anything seafood. I am salivating right now.

    Sushi, mexican, a good steak, grits, or a bagel with butter and peanut butter would all run a close second!
    I would wash it all down with an ice cold Bud-lite or a glass of red wine! :)

  3. I was kinda thinking more about body shots myself but yeah virtual will have to do!

    I reckon I can eat all that stuff except the bait. They should fry that then it would be fit to eat. I will eat sardines though, thats like hi falutin sushi. What the hell does a yankee know about grits????????? Sheeesh. Grits. You better get south of Tennessee if you want grits that are fit to eat.

  4. I am all in on the body shots. Bring it!
    We can just play here on my comments all by our selves today! :)
    Who you calling a Yankee? Them thar is fightin werds!

  5. If you could hook up with another blogger, who would it be?

    Do you have a secret crush on anyone?

  6. The body shots can't be off me though, wayyyyyy too many hills and valleys, rolls of hills! So those would have to be off you.

    Looks like Mindy joined so now we have a 3-soe it looks like, and shes invited whoever you secret crush. Sigh pretty soon you won't need me here at all!

    5 fave bands/artists/singers/groups whatever you wanna call em?

  7. I want to know Mindy Mom's... and you can't choose me...

    Sage wants to know what you are eating!? That's his question?

    Okay my question is...

    Most embarrassing moment being a mom.

  8. I have another question! Have you ever hugged Mindy mom when both of you were naked?

  9. Look there is Shell!
    Have you ever hugged her naked?

  10. She's coming to Vegas and we are going to hang out with Jules! So maybe then we could hug... but not naked.

  11. Shell if it isn't a naked hug then it doesn't count!

  12. yea, but we will all be naked under our clothes.

    Okay, I'm hitch hikin out of here, don't want Danielle's comment box all filled up with having to explain to you the ways of the world.

  13. I should come too and I could get a room and y'all draw straws for naked hugs! See then one could come in for 2 days then leave then the next one for 2 days, you getting the drift!

    No jokes about me having the short straw either! That aint funny!

  14. Danielle-- if you were stuck on an island and only had one thing that you were able to do before you died all alone... what would it be?

  15. Mind,
    I have so many secret crushes on here that I can't even name them all. What can I say, I am just horney!
    However, I have not hugged a female blogger while she was naked.
    I would hug you naked though. I have told you before that I think you are the prettiest blogger around. Sage and Mindy run a very close 2nd!!!
    Sage, I have tried on a pair of Mindy's pants with no underwear on. So we knida touched pee pees. Does that count?

  16. And there you go again... stealing my thunder... the short straw joke came right to mind...


    Okay really... I just wanted to say I'm here to ask the deep questions.

    now I'm out!

  17. Ok I just Lol'd @ pee pees

    thats funny right there

  18. Wait, you don't wear underwear? A woman after my own heart!

  19. Most embarrasing mommy moment was spilling beer all over my babies head when I was drunk talking with my hands. Poor baby was looking at me like I was killing her. White trash a little me thinks.

  20. Shelle- Island- If I am being serious, I would want to find real forgiving happiness with myself!
    or, have sex with 2 hot, attentive men!

  21. LOL--okay I really was about to click off and then you called me the prettiest blogger and you KNOW how I feel about compliments... especially when REALLY the other blogger who is giving them is prettier.

    But what I really wanted to say is ... You poured Beer on your BABIES head? Were you at a bar? I kid I kid... of course you weren't... right? You weren't at a bar. It's like that part in Sweet Home Alabama when Reese says to that girl in the bar, "HEY--So and So, Good to see YOU... with a BABY... In a BAR!"

    I do love the faces kids pull when they are confused or surprised...

  22. Okay... you can die alone after you have the hot sex... I'll give you that.

  23. Now ask Mindy if she has hugged another blogger naked. QT you there??
    Sage- Eagles, Elvis, Credence, really anything old rock and country.

  24. Shelle,
    I totally thought of and recited that movie after I did it. :) I was at home, but in front of people. They were just looking at me and then my kid in disgust.
    I do think you are beautiful, so take it!

  25. Wait! There seems to be a party going on here now AND you still didn't answer my questions!! Just gave some lame-o vague answer. Bah.

    You all know I have hugged another blogger naked, I've seen Danielle naked and yes, she even tried on my jeans w/no panties.

    Did someone say VEGAS???? I'm SO there! They want me back, you know.

  26. Do you believe in true love? And if so, is there anyone you have ever been in love with that you haven't "gotten over?"

  27. Wait. So now who all is going to Vegas?
    I need to know who all is signing up for naked hugging because if any of y'all will invite a cracka I need to know if I need just a oom, a suite, or the whole floor?

    Excellent choices @ bands. We might have to be married @ Elvis.

  28. What is the oddest place you ever participated in relations of a sexual nature?

  29. Mindy- I am avoiding the question but I will tell you the next time we have drinks. You know I spill my guts when I have booze in me. Either that or I will put out and pay for your dinner. :)

    Mama Gayle- Oh, that is hard one. I have let a few good ones get away and I might regret it at points in my life, but I am not sure that I have ever really been in love. I have been in lust a whole lot and regreted a few things that go along with that. :)
    How bout you?

    Sage- Vegas baby, you know that is is the place where your secrets are safe right.

    Sage- Strangest place??? That'd be in the butt Bob!! Ok, I lie. Never done that. Would try but think I would go through the head board. So, I am going to say in a gondola at a ski resort and at a full, very busy bar. I can think of one other place but I think I will keep that a secret. :0

  30. ahem* glad to NOT make your list of best looking bloggers - is it cuz I haven't showered for two days? or that I have thrown up and not brushed my teeth? sigh.... figures

  31. Shelle- ummm naked, not naked we can hug

  32. Sage - who invited you? but if you are booking and paying for the suite?????

  33. Question - why don't you put a pic up of you that shows how pretty you really are. I don't think your readers really know. just sayin

  34. These comments are cracking me up!!

    LMAO at "in the butt Bob!" I am sure that it hurts like hell!

    About the true love question... I once fell head over heels and thought I was with my soul-mate, ROFL. I also used to think that if you really loved someone it never dies... but I am so jaded now, I don't know that I believe in all that hype anymore... Maybe we are just supposed to end up with someone we can get along with and co-exist with until we die. Love may just be an illusion for people who don't know any better!

  35. With that answer I think I *love* Mamma Gayle!

  36. BFD: Hell it seems like I'm the only one NOT invited!


    I think it is weight or hair follicle impaired discrimination. Every always hatin on the fat bald guy.

  37. I agree also with Mamma gayle.
    you are invited - I said.....
    (ok, I said you had to pay)

  38. @ MG, Damn girl, that's some profound shit. And I think you may be on to something.

    @Sage - WTF? Everyone always loves on the fat bald guy. But what does that have to do with you? Heh. Either way, you are SO invited if you are springing for a suite where Danielle can bust through a headboard!

    @ Danielle - yep, add alcohol and you are MINE! (or whoever's) ;)


  39. ohhhh, but I don't agree with mamma gayle on the hurts like hell part - it doesn't.... so, I have heard

  40. BFD???? I gotta pay? Like 8 chicks and me? Can't I just trade out for my portion?

    MM *Everyone always loves on the fat bald guy. But what does that have to do with you?*

    Add Mindymom to Mama Gayle on the list of folks I now *love*!!!!!!

    (evidently she hasn't seen the uncropped pics!)

  41. BD- Girl, you are most def on my list. In fact, the remote picture put me over the edge. Vegas soon I hope!

    Sage, I am with BD, you pay for a suite and you can have 2 hours with me! :)

    Mama Gayle- Girl, you are so young and have sooo much life a head of you. Don't let the crap turn you negative and cold or you will miss out on a lot of fun and good. There are so many good men out there for you to enjoy, you just have to be open and learn to read your flags!

    BD, you pick out a picture that makes me look hot and I will post it. In fact come out here and take them for me!!!! Me and Vixen will entertain you!

  42. Whoa up!!!!

    2 hrs? For room fee........ you misread, I said 2 DAYS!

  43. I'll take your pics, Vix's too - let me go charge my batteries !

  44. How come it is I always get left out?
    BD, D and Vix are all entertaining one another and I'm payin for the room??? sheesh

  45. ROFLMAO!! This has turned into quite the place to hang out! I want to go to Vegas too if Sage is paying, anything goes!!!

    @Mindy--I about fell out of bed when you said to Sage: you are SO invited if you are springing for a suite where Danielle can bust through a headboard!

    There is alot of *LOVE* going around, LOL....

  46. Hell Mamma come on!!!! I'll just get a whole floor! Where y'all wanna stay the Bellagio? Lets get the whole top floor! Bring your friends!

    @ Mama G @ Mindy- I was unclear, am I to participate in this headboard thing?

    Oh never mind I nearly forgot I'm not part of the entertaining just the paying!

  47. BD- You charging your batteries for your camera??

    Sage- i will entertain you for two days, a free room and a busted head board. Bals and fat don't scare me.

    MG-This is the spot to play, tell all of your friends. LOL Plus Sage loves you now.

    MM- ;)

  48. Sage, opps, bald and fat don't scare me and either do balls.

  49. Hang on now, we have gotten into new territory when we begin discussing the twins! But it is good to know that you fear them not! Ok my deal seems to be getting better anyway.

    P.S. if the hotel charges me, YOU pay for the headboard!

  50. What is your dream vehicle. Any vehicle? Classic, current whatever. Choose as many as you'd like.

  51. How are you doing on that fitness goal you were blogging about earlier this year ? Did you lose more weight? Stayed the Same ? Spill !

  52. senorita comes in and ignores all these comments and asks such a nice question - I love it

    Danielle, well if me you and vix end up in Vegas together I will need the camera - duh!

    Sage, best rates right now are at Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock- just sayin.....

    Oh, and I have already hugged shelle - but not naked

  53. First time here via Vixen, so I'll just lurk a while before asking anything.

  54. Another questions. If you had 10k just fall in your lap and you had to spend it all in a week on things strictly for yourself, just blow it, what would you buy?

  55. Senorita- I ran my first 10K two weeks ago and I have been doing P90X and running as much as possible, but I don't ever seem to loose anything. I guess I will just keep it up since I eat as I please and don't gain either.

    Urban Cowboy- Thanks for coming by. Stay awhile and delurk. :)

    Sage- I would buy a closet to hold the new clothes and shoes I would be purchasing. :)
    Car, hmmmm, I have had most of my dream cars allready so I will have to think more about that one!

  56. 10K - fall into my lap....perfect landing
    because I would get my stomach tucked ...yep a tummy job. Hey - it's free money.

    Even though you didn't ask me

  57. Geez...I don't have any but am anxious to see what your answers are to these!!

  58. would you stand on top of the red rocks in.....(well you know one place you know where this is) while it rained... stand naked making love while the rain poured down you... even if somebody might see... 4%chance...

  59. Would you consider yourself high maintenance? Low maintenance or somewhere in the middle?

  60. Do you think guys that are fat bald and poor and drive 10 yr old trucks with 500k miles on them are hot?

  61. If plastic surgery was free what would be the one thing you would have fixed?

  62. BFD- I didn't even think about surgery, but now that you mentioned it, I may be right along side of you in the OR. :)

    Sir Thomas- I would soooooo do that. In-fact I wish that would happpen even if the chances were 75%.

    Sage-I can't keep up with you! :)
    I think I can be mentally high maintenance. I like attention and affection. I want to be wanted. (Sound familiar?)
    As far as money goes, nope! I like nice things but don't require them to cost a lot nor do I need someone else to provide them for me.

    YES!!! But just the one that blogs!

    Fav sandwhich- Sourdough bread, bacon, turkey sprouts tiny bit of mayo, hot mustard, Maybe some pepperchinis (sp). Yummy.

    I only get to fix one thing? Lipo!!!! Re-do my breasts(it has been over 10 years since I had them done), fix my nose a lil bit. Lots of age fixing crap on my face! I would be a cosmetic whore if it were free or I were rich!!!!

  63. I did p90X legs the other day and was so sore for 5 days afterwards i've decided I'm never doing that shit again. It was fucking ridiculous.

  64. Dang, I missed the party.

    And did someone say butt sex? ;)

  65. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

  66. Holy crap - you don't write a real post, and you get 66+ comments. Long live un-blogginess!

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  68. Okay... so I don't come back and all of a sudden I'm not included in Vegas anymore?

    If Sage is going I'm out... bald and fat equal little--

    nm :)

    Fun to read the comments girl.

  69. Ha! Did you see that? I'm comment 69--How Ironic.

  70. I think when you're going to hug another blogger, it's only proper to do it while naked! ;)

    I'm seriously starting to dig me some sage. Must go find that blog.

    Okay my question - what do you like better? Bacon or martini's??

  71. Candice- Amen to that. but if feels kinda good too!

    Tracie- 3 things- Go to Greece, Have a grandchild (hopefully a very long time from now),
    Find true inner peace and happiness. That seems to be my theme these days.

    Dad- It is all Sage, don't be fooled! :)

    Shelle- You are Vegas! Sage is just a means. Woot to 69. :)

    QT-Bacon hands down! Now if you would have said wine, I may have to re-think!

  72. What is your favorite naughty food to eat?

  73. QT: That Sage fella is hard not to love!!!

    Watch it or you will be addicted!!!!
    (But come on over and see me!!)

  74.'d it go tonight? ;)

  75. Sage - Went. Saw. Enjoyed. :) Thank you!

  76. Well keep on coming QT, I'm over there all the time!

    Question for you D. How didja like doing the question post?

  77. Hi There... I'm a new reader and noticed that you spent summers in Ohio... Being a Ohioan I want to know where abouts in Ohio did you spend them???? I grew up in Ohio and moved to Colorado 7 years ago...



  78. Me- I was born in Toledo Ohio and went back often. I still go back about every 2 years or so to see my family.
    I have been in Co since I was 5 though.
    Email me and we can see if we know any of the same places or people.

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  81. I am speechless after seeing these pictures! I love them all! I teach kindergarten and I'm going to make a theme, and photographs have given me so many ideas! You are so talented! Thanks!

  82. I love them all! I teach kindergarten and I'm going to make a theme,

  83. Even the stuff I want to write about won’t escape my brain long enough to write it down.

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