Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, my soccer tourney was, well lets say a lot of cardio. We as a team SUCKED! We lost our first 2 games on Saturday and won the last one "thanks to me" and I do say this with as much EGO as I have in my body. I scored my first ever (in 9 years of playing) goal. I know, that is just pathetic, but there is a reason for this. Until Saturday, I have always played mid-wing and I do not have a big foot. But on Saturday, I played forward and ROCKED IT!!!!! My girl and I were the only 2 to score all day long. So as I pat myself on the back a few times, I hope you will understand.

I have 1 more "pat myself on the back" moment that I want to share because if I don't give myself a big squeeze, no one will! I, that NEVER wears a dress, has one on today and I look HOT! 3 people have told me so and you have no idea how much I have needed this. I have been feeling pretty blue lately and it was nice to hear. So anywho, on my lunch hour I am going to go buy one in every color and sport them daily. :) JJ

Question of the day:

If someone omits a part of a story that will cause a fight and a lot of questions is it considered lying?

IE. It was only the three of us there. Opps, I forgot to mention the Fourth person of the opposite sex.

Bad mommy moment:

Toots was taking a bath last night and I forgot to remove my razor from the side of the tub. Yep, she grabbed it and cut her little finger. It was the smallest little cut you have ever seen, yet the tub looked like she hit an artery.

Good ending though: She was so proud sportin around the little band-aid I put on it. Everyone she sees has to look at it and kiss it.


  1. Way to go on the goal.

    Happy to hear Toots is okay.

  2. You are such a soccer star! All that cardio is why you were rockin' that dress so well... good job!

  3. Congrats on scoring! My daughter plays center mid, but she enjoys going up to be striker. She's a stud. Sounds like you are too!

  4. Congrats on your big soccer goal. Also, "lying" is a strong word- I'd say it was "deceiving" which isn't cool, but different from outright lying. Finally, the first time I had a razor in my hand I swiped it across my face and left a 4" gash on my cheek like a moron. Sadly, I was like 14 at that point with no real excuse for being so stupid. I'm sure my mom was proud.

  5. Way to rock it on the field!

    Oh, I'm also not a dress wearer, but I put one on the other day in the store, and looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Like you, I got 3 in all different colors. I'm the worlds worst at doing stuff like this, but it made sense at the time!

  6. Mike- Thanks on both counts.
    Kathy B- The cardio and the lipo!!!
    Dadshouse- I wish I would have played in HS. I am guessing I would have scored more than 1 goal in 9 years. :)
    Merrick- Thanks for reading. I hope you don't have any scars.
    Candice- You rock curlers, I am pretty sure a dress is a no brainer!

  7. Clearly we need a pic of you in your dress. Get busy missy.

  8. You play soccer??? I PLAY SOCCER! I've played FOREVER!! Yay on your first goal that's super awesome for you. I think we might be soul sisters

  9. Awkward- Do you want a pic in every color? I can rock them all. ;)

    Mariah- Can you move to Colorado please? We need another sista on our team.

  10. Feeling pretty is one of THE best things in the damn world! And I'm happy for you that you are feeling this way!

  11. Another single mom, late 30 something, blogging soccer player?? Now I'm really bummed I didn't come out and get to meet you. I hung up my shin guards after N was born but played for 20 something years. I'm trying to get Mindy to bring her girls to a Rapids game. Let me know if you want to join in. I can get extra seats.

  12. lilcyndiluwho-We need another player on our Spring and Fall league. Wanna play??? We have a ton of GREAT girls that are all funny as crap. We have a blast. When are you going to the Rapids game? I would love to go.