Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ring of Fire

YES, I will be attending this on Saturday. I will be ringside at a table that allows blood and sweat to slap us in the face. I will be drinking buckets of beer. I will be dressed like a HOOCH. I will have my girls with me. I will be having a blast.


  1. Sweet. I'm fighting in the second match - see you there. Ha!

    No, I'll probably go out with some of my buddies to Larimer Square for some white wine where we will have book club, talk about PTA, admire each other's outfits, and catch up on the neighborhood gossip. I need to get my hair done and buy a new outfit for the occasion!

  2. WoW!! That looks intense... I want a re-cap on Monday! I don't really love to watch sports... too long. Kinda boring. Thid does not look boring at all!

  3. I'd dress like a hooch also :)

  4. ROFL! You are so funny Danielle! Blood-slapped right in the face, eh? Dressed like a hooch. I wanna see pics of this debauchery!

  5. Very intersting evening. How on Earth did you come up with this as a desired social event?

  6. Awkward- I should have met up with you afterward. Me and my hooch atire would have fit in perfectly.
    Kathy B-This is more like a people watching event, so you might have liked it.
    Mariah-No amount of hooch that we could have wore would have compared with the what people were wearing. The younger generation is way beyond what I consider hooch!
    Alicia- I am saddened to say, that I have NO proof (pictures) of this evening! :)
    MindyMom- The people watching part of the evening is what makes this the greatest sport, only matched by Monster Truck racing!

  7. I am so stealing the phrase, "Dressed like a HOOCH."

    It's so much better than my typical saying of "Bar Clothes", because really? I'm dressing like a hooch.

    Have fun girlie.

  8. I wish I could have been there. The broomfield event center is like- maybe, five minutes from my house.

  9. qt-I actually disapointed myself and looked less Hoochy than I wanted to. I'll keep trying though.

    Matt- Hey, me too. Well have to get a beer sometime and watch us some UFC!