Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is there room in the coffin for me?

I went to a funeral yesterday for my husbands 95 year old grandmother and I was tempted to climb in the coffin with her.

The minister was an Asian man with a lisp. He must have said "pwease pway wif me" a million times. It was all I could do to not bust out waffing. Over 1 hour of that wascally wabbit.

The little boy behind us was asleep in his grandma's arms and snoring sooo loud that I could barely hear it when he farted. That was fun.

At least 10 people in the pews were without teeth. I am not talking elderly people either.

I swear I was in Kentucky.

This post was not intended to offend any of the following: Asians, small boys with no body function control, denture wearers, or people from Kentucky.


  1. OMG! That's freakin' hilarious!

    Oh girl, thanks for the laugh today. Whew! I needed that!

  2. Well, since you had to go to a funeral at least it was enjoyable! Too funny.

  3. What a bizarre scene. I know funerals are sad occasions, but when one of my relatives dies, it brings the whole big family together and we end up having a lot of fun together. Weird how it works like that.

  4. T-I am glad I can make someone laugh. Hope you are doing ok.

    MindyMom-I wouldn't say enjoyable. See you Friday for some BEER!

    dad-Funerals are for the most part sad, but when someone at the age of 95 dies of old age, it is a time to revel in their life! Congrats on the interview with CNN.

  5. hahahah! oh boy. i'm glad we found eachother. it was as if the stars aligned and it was the age of aquarius.. and everything was right in the world.

  6. Blunt- Thanks for stopping by. You are awesome.