Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

So my weekend played out just as I thought it would and maybe better.

The Friday BBQ bash was awesome and believe it or not kinda relaxing. The 3 skydivers landed right in the spot they were supposed to and Toots was in awe. For that matter, I think everyone was. It was really cool. There were tons of kids and food and fun for all.

Toots had a slight issue with the fireworks. She was clinging on to me with every once of her being, but would then peek to see the lights. It was kind of funny actually.

Oh, and the hair dying turned out ok, but we had fun laughing at the results. Again, I am not a professional.

Saturday, Toots and I went to a family BBQ and had a good time eating and hanging with the family. We ended up bringing my step-sister home to stay the night so she could see the fireworks from our backyard. My hubbie invited another couple over to have a few beers and watch the display so it turned into a mini party. The fireworks were amazing and Toots actually must have realized they were safe because she watched them without being scared. She wasn't really excited, but she was amused. Maybe next year we will have the JUMP UP AND DOWN EXCITEMENT that I had hoped for.

Sunday was the Renaissance Festival and WOW are there some characters there. If you have never been to one, it is a must. We had soooo much fun. Toots rode a real elephant, a fake giant horse and a giant porch swing. Everyone except Toots got Henna tattoos, drank beer, talked to weird, crazy out there people, had fortunes read, trampoline bungee jumped and soooo much more. I could go every weekend it was so much fun.

Last night was toots and I's first night alone together since she was not even 1 and we moved in with my mom. It was nice. We played and cuddled and fell asleep around 9.

Today, she is at Water World with daycare/friend lady and resuming the fun weekend we had. What a lucky little girl she is.

Tonight we are going to dinner at my ex-boyfriend/best friends parents house. He is in town and I haven't seen him in over a year. We have been friends for over 10 years and his parents love me and Toots. He is now engaged and lives in CA. Sometime I will have to post on how I seem to be friends with all of my exes and their families. I know, too weird.

Anywho, Here's to another great weekend and week to come!!!!!!!!

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