Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here we go again!

I guess I am NEVER going to stop going. (No Awkward I am not whining)

Lucky little me gets to go hang out in the sun with a beer or two at the ........ Wait for it......

Rockies vs Dodgers game TODAY!!!
Since I just found this out an hour ago and can't go home to change, I will be the one wearing nerdy business clothes and slut pumps.

Tomorrow night I have to go to a friend from junior high schools 40Th surprise party. Since I am a year younger than all of my school friends, I get to make a lot of wise cracks about how old she is, so that should be fun.

Saturday, Toots and I are going to one of my girls from last weekends debauchery's BBQ. Boy is it going to be hard to not mention any of the goings on around her spouse. I better not drink at that one. Just kidding, SHE was an angel.

Sunday, toots and I are headed to the Rapids game with all of my favorite Colorado bloggin ladies. We were already informed by Cindi that although we are sitting in the front row, we are not allowed to grab the players and lick them as they run by. Mindy says that she is now uninterested in going if that is off limits. I love these girls!!!!

So yet again, another fun filled weekend. I am including toots in almost all of the above, so that I behave and act like a mommy. She is going to have so much fun.


  1. LOL @ slut pumps.

    Have fun

  2. Oh, I'm jealous! Have fun at the game. My *friend* has been the last 2 nights in a row, without me of course (the little brat).

    Sunday will be fun! And since we're bringing the kiddos it's probably best we've been warned not to touch the hot men wearing shorts. We can certainly watch the um, *game* though. ;)

  3. Ok I LOVE baseball. And yes, eye candy doesn't hurt.

    Sounds like fun. I'm jealous of the bloggin' ladies outings...

    Can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Sounds like fun. I'm jealous!!

    I'll be in the ER working my ass off. Have a drink for me, will ya?

  5. Get out! I was there today too. Off of third base about 17 rows up. I had to get home afterwards but normally I'd still be out. I hope you are out having one (or three) for me. Cheers!

  6. Courtney- I broke down and bought some flip flops, so all worked out.

    Mindy- Were going to have to find you a new *friend* if he doesn't shape up.
    Maybe we can catch you one of the hot guys in short shorts.

    T- We will disclose everything. I promise *wink*

    Candice- Go save some lives would ya!

    Awkward- No shit, I was section 121, row 20 which is @3rd base also. WTF you could have shown me your feet.

  7. personally I think nerdy business cloths and slut pumps is hot! I love going to baseball games

  8. 138 row 17. As long as you weren't in the family section...

  9. NO WAY.

    I was there, too!

    Okay, I really wasn't. But if I was, I'd have spilled my beer on you but encouraged licking players.


  10. RE doesn't drink beer, don't believe it! *Laugh* However the licking of players encouragement part is true.

  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Bookmarked you. Loves a good, sassy mommy blogger in my daily reads.

  12. LOL! OMG to RE and QT.

    "Nerdy business clothes and slut pumps." Nice, Danielle. You gotta copyright that bad girl comment.

    Oh, yes. BOO, Cyndi, for no licking the players! Oh, wait. *Sigh* Yeah, notsogood to do in front of young children.

    Can't wait to see you girls tomorrow. We are having quite the fun, aren't we? ;)

  13. I hope you enjoyed the guys swinging around big wooden sticks! Hahaha!

  14. Mariah-I would agree under normal circumstances, but a baseball game with lots of men around, I wanted to be showy. :) Ya just never know.

    Awkward- Chicken

    Random and QT-I needed no encouragement on the licking front. Like how I lumped you two together.

    Angryredhead-Thanks for stopping by too.

    Amira-Had a blast even without the licking.

    Organic-Thanks for stopping by. I love men with big sticks.

  15. Hey woman, did you know you were nominated as a "hot mama"?

    Check it out.