Friday, September 25, 2009

Blame it on Mindymom!

I am blaming my lack of posting on Mindymom! My daughter and I spent one fun filled night at her house over Labor day and we have been sick since! Ok, not really but I am guessing that the bug that we caught just might be the same one that she had a few weeks back. It has completely kicked my ass! I was home in bed every day this week except 2. It is not fun being so sick that you can't move and having a toddler feeling the same way with NO help!!!! Anyway, I think I have made my way back into the land of the living as of today, so I will quit whining now.

Aaaaannnnd off to busy land tomorrow. I signed up to play in a kick ball benefit tomorrow with some friends of mine a while back. I am not sure how I am going to do it since I can't really breathe, but I will go and see what happens. We play our first game at 8am and could end up playing 3-4 games through out the day. I am excited to do something that benefits kids and get some exercise in the process.

Sunday is our 3rd soccer game of the year. A few posts back, I was bragging about being a star and scoring a goal, well I am now pretty sure that it was a huge fluke!! I couldn't make contact with the ball to save my life and we got cremated. Then, to make matters worse, I was sick for our last game and they won 13-0. Hmmm, any correlation there???? I am pretending as though there is not and going to have to step up my game Sunday.

I haven't talked a lot about my marriage lately. Mostly because there hasn't been much good going on and I am trying to focus on fixing me. As I have stated before there is not much left to save and things are at the end. We are working on the final stages and what we need to do to get out with the least damage to everyone. Mostly my daughter. She loves him to death and I am not sure how 2 year olds react/respond to this sort of thing. I am hoping that she is young enough to not be traumatized over this. All I know is that she and I will always have each other and that is what I am comforted by.

I promise to not stay away for so long!


  1. My parents got divorced when I was 8. I think the earlier you get it done, the better for the child.

    What do I remember from when I was 2 ? Absolutely nothing.

    I wish for a smooth ending to all this. You're a great mom and no matter what, you've got your dai

  2. I don't remember much of anything of my childhood before 6 yrs old. I don't know if it's because I'm brain damaged or what, but I thought that may be comforting to you.

    There are plenty of people that get divorced, and go on to have a healthy relationship that benefits everyone involved, most importantly the kids. It is possible to do it.

    Just be thankful that you aren't staying in a crap marriage "just for the kids". THAT is what is damaging to the little ones the most, in my opinion.

    Good luck at your game tomorrow!

  3. Kick ball and soccer! Man, that just made me want to play.

    I don't think I realized you were married - and that it was ending. C'MERE. I'll give you a hug. We need hugs. Hugs help.

  4. I must say that you are a great mom. hey you have got a nice and well made website. i really liked your work and feel that you have done a great job. the various emotions which you have discussed above are really worth reading.

  5. HEY! So not fair to blame me! No one else (including people I have been much closer to - um, like my kids - yeah, my kids) did not get sick! It's sounds like what you had was a lot worse than what I had too.

    Anyway, glad you are feeling better now. Take it easy while you reover so we can get out soon and catch up! Sounds like we have much to discuss.

  6. so sorry you are in the place you are!! your daughter will be OK as long as she is priority and never doubts your love!!

  7. End of your marriage. Hmmm... let me say this (as I had a 4 year old and a 1 year old at the end of mine):

    They will handle it like YOU handle it.

    If you are loving, forgiving and can bounce back, then so can she.

    Allow her to see that you have pain and will mourn, so she can feel free to express her pain too. But you two keep your attention focused on loving her and bettering yourselves. If she sees two happy parents, she will be just fine. I can promise you that.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  8. You daring girl. Kickball still scares me. I used to always get hit with the ball or to miss when I tried to kick it. Mortifying. Good luck :)

  9. Soccer and kick ball? Dang that has got to be to much running!

    I don't remember what happened last week so I reckon 2 yr olds don't remember to good either.
    Good luck. Hope you feel mo betta soon.

  10. Wow, didn't realize about the marriage thing. Hope everything works out fine, I'm sure your daughter will deal well since she has such a loving mother!

  11. Thanks all for the encouraging words when it comes to my daughter. I do know that kids are resiliant and if loved, will be ok. I have seen it with lots of people, so I feel confidant that she will be fine.

  12. Kickball! How fun. I was a kickball stud in kindergarten.

    As for divorce and kids - my son was three when his mom and I split. I have 50/50 custody. He is thriving today. But it was much easier for his older sister to deal with our divorce (she was 7 when we split)

  13. I love kickball! Haven't played it in forever but man, that brought back some memories!

    My girl was two when we divorced, and truth be told, she doesn't really remember her dad and I living together. She sees pictures and asks questions sometimes, but for her, it is and always has been mom's house and dad's house. I wish you luck sweetie, and mucho love.