Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The great the bad and the REALLY ugly!!!

Well, we made it back safe. I use the term loosely though.

First of all the trip out of Denver was awesome. My daughter was an angel except that she wanted to see and touch everything, which is why, I am glad we went to the airport the recommended 2 hours early. We used every last minute of it getting to the terminal. She had to drink out of every drinking fountain, ride every escalator and walkway and talk to every little kid we passed. The flight it's self was uneventful and nice.

The first night, we went to a great restaurant for an amazing steak dinner (which surprised me because Midwest beef tastes different than West Coast due to corn or wheat fed). Toots behaved the whole time and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening.

The next day, we relaxed around the house until we met my whole family for dinner at a nice Hibachi restaurant. Toots had a blast as the chefs preformed cool tricks with our food and made the FIRE explode on the grill. We then proceeded to my uncles house for a few drinks and conversation. Another great day.

Saturday, we went to some friends house to watch the Ohio State game (ouch) and drink some beer. Toots had a blast playing with all of the toys in their play room. I think I only saw her for a minute the whole time we were there. Next we headed over to my cousins house for dinner and more beverages. She makes a margarita that could kill the whole state of New Mexico. OMG, they were awesome. Toots again had a blast playing with all of the cousins and everyone LOVED her. I was so proud of my little angel.


Sunday, under the recommendation of my pediatrician, (which worked on the way there mind you) I gave Toots some Dimetab. This time however, it had the opposite affect and made her uncontrollably hyper. She literally slid/crawled through the whole Detroit airport. If I tried to pick her up, she would scream and wiggle out of my arms. It was horrible. When we finally got on the plane she through a tantrum like I have never experienced that lasted the whole flight. She kicked the guy's seat in front of us for most of the flight and when I would try to stop her, she would kick me. At other times, she would lay on the floor trying to get past the lady next to me, while screaming and hollering. I had NO control. The flight attendant, told me that I need to MAKE her sit in her seat with her belt on. She said that I need to get control of her since I was the mother. I literally started sobbing uncontrollably and didn't stop until we got off the plane. How do you control and out of control 2 year old when all you have is 2 seats worth of room and you have to stay in your seat with your seat belt on? You can't reason with a 2 year old. I am guessing that the flight attendant/BITCH doesn't have any children. I apologized to everyone that we came in contact with and for the most part, people were understanding. It was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had. My child for the most part is a great kid and I know that for the most part, I am a good mom. We just had a rough day!
When we got home and were laying in bed, I said, "Do you know that you were not a very good baby today?" she replied, "I know, kickin mommy" and proceeded to kiss my whole face. All of my anger was washed away and I realized what just one kiss from her can do to my soul!!!


My family is so awesome. They just are so accepting of everything and everyone. I really missed out on the whole family aspect growing up in another state. I always wonder what my life would have been like. How I would have been different or turned out.

All and all, I had an amazing time and there may or may not be more to the story! I am just sayin!


  1. Holy! As if flying weren't stressful enough. Other than that though, awesome trip.

  2. Sending you hugs! I would've been sobbing too...the ugly kind of sobbing.....

    My heart is warm with the report of such a wonderful trip! We're glad your back...

  3. I remember traveling with my oldest daughter when she was 15 months. That is when I fully understood what shaken baby syndrome was all about. Just sayin'. Whew.

    Sorry you had to go through this. But it does sound like the rest of the trip was fun. And, um, what are you NOT tellin'?

  4. I'm glad you are back and for the most part had a wonderful trip.

  5. Remind me to tell you the story of CoCo's fit on a plane to Aspen when she was one. I can so relate but on a small commuter plane to Aspen no less? Totally mortifying.

    Can't wait to hear about the 'more'. ;)

  6. That first pic scared me! glad you are back in one piece!

  7. I am just glad you are back in one piece. :)

  8. I'm glad you had a good trip! I remember the days of flying solo with my kids. Some of those flight attendants are just mean!

    PS Benedryl (and anything else that is supposed to make you sleepy) have the opposite effect on my kids too. Sucks!

  9. Toots is a turning into a pretty little young lady.

    I can't imagine what that flight must've been like. I would've cried my eyes out too.

    I'm glad that most people were understanding about it.

  10. There is nothing worse than when your child is out of control and you're out in public. Happy to hear that everything else went great.

  11. I can't imagine flying with a toddler! You are a brave lady! The Dracula teeth are hysterical - love it.

  12. Wow, that plane ride sounds rough. Sorry to hear. But it sounds like the trip was great. I especially like a good home made margarita!

    (Oh wait, here's a recipe... Guaranteed to lead to passed-out thong pics on picnic tables. Haha)

  13. 1. First picture - my first thought was, "oo, I want to take a picture of her eye!"

    2. I'm sorry, but I laughed at the part about her sliding through the airport. Funny visual.

    3. Oh man. Next time, give her ambien.

    (kidding, kidding...)

  14. Welcome home!

    I'm glad you had a nice trip back home, but sorry to hear about the crappy flight home. I'm sure that was a miserable experience for sure.

    Hopefully you had a nice stiff drink when you got home. ;)

  15. Wow. Welcome home, girl. Yeah...omigosh. I think that EVERY parent has at least one similar such experience with a young kid on a flight. Any one who hasn't or who doesn't have kids? No empathy usually.

    Time for another GNO. Hope the "more" was more good. ;)

  16. GOD LOVE YA - i would kill myself if i had to travel with a toddler ever

  17. Oh boy, traveling with a two year old can be rough, I remember fearing that with Em. But it's over, and one day you'll look back on it and laugh. :) Or make ME laugh at this story.

    So yeah, what else aren't you telling us?! *evil grin*

  18. I loves me some good family time. Glad to hear the trip went well... aside from the hard trip home. *zoikes*

    Friends of mine were given the same advice on the cold med before the flight to Hawaii with their 3yo boy. Unfortunately the flight was delayed. uh oh.