Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am a follower!

So, I jumped on the "Lose it Bitches" band wagon recently. I have talked a lot about the fact that I need to change a lot of things in my life, mostly mental things that will make me a better person, but here is the deal. My physical plays a huge part in my mental well being.

I know that I am not fat.
I know that I am not "too" out of shape.
I know that I need to stop letting how I "think" I look affect my moods.
I really don't have that much to loose. 10 to 15lbs max.
I do still have some muscle definition although a couple weeks of hitting the weights would do wonders.
I must have one of those mirrors that skew your image, cause I see myself differently than others do.
I know that when I fix my mental, my physical will also benefit greatly, but for now while I am working on that, I am going to join in the motivation and support that is being had all around the blog sphere.
The blogs that I have read lately have absolutely given me determination to do something. These women are wonderfully motivated and I am going to support them through it all. In the process, I hope that what I see in them helps ME. Helps me mentally and physically. Helps me be the kind of person that I am determined to be.

So with that said,
I have been running/walking on my treadmill 40-45 mins a day. Every day!
I have been watching every morsel that goes into my mouth.
I have cut my wine drinking in half. That doesn't say a whole lot (Hey, I have a 2 year old. I need a little release in the form of vino)
My BGF has talked me into (possibly) running a half marathon this summer. So sometime soon, I will start to train for that even if I end up not doing it. (only due to knee problems)
I will be tracking results through My Fitness Pal.

I will see results!


  1. I just joined My Fitness Pal. I agree, it's great that there are so many people doing this. It's great support. Good luck to you!

  2. We are here for you when you need us! This is a fitness group. Get healthy, body, mind and soul! :D

  3. A half marathon.......that would be my ultimate goal but I don't think my lung capacity would ever stand for it.

    Good for you!

  4. good for you! we sound similar in our goals...sometimes I think its harder when you do not have as far to go..maybe you shall motivate me...:)!

  5. I hope you end up running that marathon ! Good luck to you !

  6. Good luck! So much of this is completely psychological. Found you on Menopausal New Mom's blog. Love the profile pic you have up!

  7. This is awesome to hear! And I'm sure you already know this but your mental will greatly benefit from the physical activity! It helps keep depression and anxiety at bay and of course the trickle down affect of physical activity in great in just making us feel as though we look better...helps improve the everyday mood and reduce stress.

    Best of luck!

  8. yay for you! yay for us! this is the year for us to be healthy and take care of ourselves!

  9. Woooot! I love your determination. And your stamina. I feel stagnant ith my workout and fitness routine, I really need to do something different. Good luck!

  10. So glad you are on board with us! Yes, we will be cheering you all the way!

  11. Good for you girl!

    Now, don't deny yourself the foods you love. Moderation is the key.

    And goals work. That's how I did those 3 triathlons last year. I don't always like to work out but I will train for a goal. That's my motivation!

    Awesome! Can't wait to hear about your progress!

  12. You go girl! I am on myfitnesspal.com too! Piscehanna if you wanna friend me.

  13. You go, girl! And here I wouldn't buy my son a gym membership. lol. Burn those carbs! Don't drink booze or eat dessert! And feel good about yourself now!!

  14. inspiring. I need to do this myself. I'm just so addicted to sitting on my ass.

  15. Good for you! Do the half marathon - you'll be surprised at how much less effort it will require. And it'll change your life. Seriously, it's such a great feeling coming across that finish line.

  16. Sounds awesome! I look forward to hearing all about your progress!! :)

  17. SOunds like you have a good plan and clear goals, thats a great start!

    Good luck

  18. Wow... I wish I only had 15 pounds to lose this year! I SO need a treadmill, but don't have the room for one. I hope the weather holds, so I can keep walking my Labrador (who also put on a few pounds this winter) LOL!