Thursday, May 13, 2010

101 Things about me

I don't expect anyone to actually read through this whole darn thing, but here it is.

1) I am a mom

2) I am a daughter

3) I am a friend to a lot of people

4) I have a lot of long term friends. 15 years+

5) I treat people that I don’t know with kindness

6) I have a great work ethic

7) I love the human body. All shapes and sizes

8) I love red wine

9) I love beer

10) I will not do shots

11) I am a student of life

12) I some times drink way too much

13) I did not have a great childhood

14) I have had a few one night stands

15) I don’t know if I have ever really been in love

16) I have been in lust more times than I can count

17) I have only lived in Colorado and Ohio

18) I have kissed a girl passionately

19) I am attracted to brains and power

20) I have been told that I have a great ass

21) I have competed in figure competitions

22) I have been at 6% body fat before

23) I am not even close to that now

24) I loved my grand mother more than life it’s self

25) I want more for my step sister than she is going to make of herself

26) I am not good in relationships

27) I play soccer

28) I exercise

29) I love sushi

30) I love Mexican food

31) I hate cooked carrots

32) I am anal (Virgo trait)

33) I am a smart ass when I am nervous

34) I love attention

35) Sometimes blogging makes me feel like I am back in High School

36) I care what other people think

37) I have fake breasts

38) I hate my nose

39) I am a control freak

40) I do not understand politics

41) I am not very religious

42) I am a sun worshiper

43) I color my hair and have since High School

44) I did not get stretch marks from having my baby

45) I HATED being pregnant

46) I am athletic

47) I have only been married once

48) I was 36 when I had my daughter

49) I have had an affair

50) I have been cheated on

51) I have tried pot 1 or 2 times and hated it

52) I have done 2 other drugs once and hated them

53) There is someone out there that wants me right now

54) I have a great family

55) I did not go to college

56) I have owned a BMW, Mercedes, Hummer, Audi, F150, Rav 4, Stealth, GLC, Explorer, Prelude, Eclipse, and a Camry.

57) I have a shopping addiction

58) I have no debt right now

59) I paid for my whole pregnancy out of pocket

60) I have no living grandparents

61) I have a huge, wonderful step family

62) I had a Harley for over 10 years

63) I wrecked 2 different Harleys

64) I am very street smart

65) I don’t get offended easily

66) I don’t trust many people

67) I had lived on my own since I was 17 until recently

68) I have had 4 significant, long term, relationships

69) I hate stupid people

70) I am very impatient

71) I love skittles, taffy, chew runts, licorice,

72) I don’t love all things chocolate

73) I get along with most people

74) I have grown up a million times over since I have had my daughter

75) I don’t talk to my daughters sperm donor

76) I don’t get child support

77) I don’t hate anyone

78) I am friends with most all of my ex’s or their family and friends

79) I don’t think before I speak

80) I would rather be on a beach then in the mountains (and I live in Colorado, go figure)

81) I have traveled quite a bit

82) I have dated 2 pro athletes

83) I have been to a game at Lambeau Stadium

84) I hate mouth noises

85) I will stab you if you crack your gum in front of me

86) I was close to first on the scene of a murder

87) I was close to first on the scene of a suicide

88) I took an EMT-B class

89) My dream job is to be a fireman/paramedic

90) I love men that are men

91) I love sexy women

92) I have penis envy

93) I have a deep fear of anything happening to my daughter

94) I love my life, even the stuff I am trying to fix

95) I like muscle

96) If I don’t write something down, I won’t remember it

97) I worked in the slimiest industry around

98) I had vanity plates that said 2ONRY4U

99) I was a BUD GIRL

100) I have posed for nude picture

101) I have been in 2 calendars


  1. I have to write stuff down and even then, there's no guarantee it's gonna get done. LOL

    I don't have any debt now either and I love it!!

  2. how can you list 101 things and me not even get mentioned?
    Somewhere in there there was room for " I think Sage is funny and smart and sexy, and wonderful, and great and sexy and hot and beautiful and groovy and awesome and sexy and humble and if I have another child I hope its his"

    Excellent list!

  3. 102) You will be treated to a sushi dinner by your friend Mindy. Pick a night. :)

  4. Ummm Mindy that needs to be 103, I listed 102!

  5. I'm jealous of #37. I"m right there with you on #12, 29, 30, & 18.

    #98 made me laugh out loud!

    Calendars! Do you have copies?!(I want one!) lol

  6. Hahaha! Danielle, this is great!

  7. @ SS - true, make that 103

    As for 104 - Serioulsy grammar challenged

    And PLEASE clarify what you mean on #97!! I know what that means but *THEY* dont!

  8. LOL, Mindy. #97 is the car buisness. I would think everyone knows that!!! :)

  9. What is 97 then D? Did you work for a Demo-rat politician, that is what I thought you meant.

  10. You have fake boobies?!?! Im so jealous.

    And you didnt get stretch marks from being pregnant??? WTH?

    I dont know if we can be friends anymore.

    OK- I still love ya..

    But keep your stretch mark free belly away from mine if we're ever hanging out in bikinis.

  11. what the blue zoo said. ;) i love lists like this. you can learn a lot about someone! i may copy you and post one of my own. if i can even think of that many things about myself!

  12. I kinda drifted off after #37. Heh...

  13. Wow! You have had quite the life. I knew I liked you for so many reasons. (Even more the the 101 listed!) ;)

  14. I read them all! Hell I could have written the ones about relationships. We so need to drink together.

    But now I have to go back and read your archives because I have questions!!!

  15. Are you expanding on #18 for us? Good list. You didn't putter out somewhere in the sixties.

  16. I read every single one and they were all great. I'm totally going to revisit this list with all my questions via email. We are so alike in so many ways and so different in others. So wonder we get along so well!

  17. In time, I will get past the fact that you owned a Hummer :)
    I totally want to hear more about your figure skating years.

  18. With all the sexy things, I misread number 32... :-P

    Which calendars? Which month were you? That's hot.

  19. Hehe I love this list! Kudos doll on 58 & 59!

  20. I love your list, I read it all ! You've lead a very interesting life !

  21. ha!! I think your list was interesting enough to keep peopla tuned it!:) some fun things!

  22. This is awesome, Danielle!! I learned some new things about you! ;) Makes me love ya even more. I read the whole list, thank you very much!

  23. Great list, letting us all get to know you better, sweet. Funny how many things you can have in common with a complete stranger.

  24. Wow, this must have been fun (and time consuming!) to write. Check you out dropping all the wild woman bombs at the end! Not many people can say they've been in 2 calendars - I'm impressed.

  25. I think the fact that you were Bud Girl just made me love you some more. <3

  26. I think I like you even more now...even though I still don't know you. Well, except for the part you get all stabby at gum noises. That may not pan out for our bloggy friendship.

  27. we actually have quite a bit of your list in common. I do not have fake boobies which really pisses me off...cause I really want some. LOL


  28. You're smart ass only when you're nervous? Try being one all of the time. ;)

  29. Just chuckling over here, more at the comments than your list. and you thought we wouldn't READ it.

  30. First off- we have A LOT in common.

    Secondly- NOW I finally catch that little tidbit about mtns vs beach. ;)

    And thirdly- *note to self....don't crack gum*

    Some of these are so boring to read, this was not one of them ;)

  31. Awesome list. Thanks for sharing.


  32. Great list . . . 101 things takes some thought!