Monday, May 10, 2010

Lighting a fire

Soccer lately has been a struggle for my team. We have been either getting out butts kicked or tying. A couple seasons ago we couldn’t loose and now, well we struggle to tie.

That changed this weekend when we got a fire lit under are asses.
The game started out very mellow and relaxed. We decided that since it was Mothers Day and all, we would just have fun and enjoy the day and some much needed exercise. We were short a player and a few of us were a little hung over, so this was a welcome idea. There was a lot of fun friendly banter going on out on the field between our two teams.

And then…

Now let me describe my girl. She is about 5’11 and built like a brick shit house. She is the queen of athleticism and has a rocking body. So another words, she is not fragile at all. She is also very aggressive and because of her size, she can take a girl down without trying to. She is one of the nicest girls on the field, but get in her way, and you are going to get hurt. Some weak minded girls take her ability to go after the ball and get it as rude and too aggressive for a full contact sport!

Scene: A small, young blonde girl and my girl were going after the ball and collided. There was no malicious intent on either part, just the game of soccer. Blondie got up and called my girl a BIG OGAR! Bad move little one!!

We promptly scored about 10 goals on her ass to prove what Ogars can do!!

My girl is making me brag on myself a little here too.  I played great and probably had my best game ever.  See what happens when you mess with one of mine!!!


  1. Hmmm I had no clue you were an Ogre! You look right normal in your profile pic!

    Woot woot @ won! Get em girl

  2. I love it! Mom's day win for D!!

    Sounds like fun and looks like a gorgeous day.

  3. Hahahahaha - love it! So much for being short handed and hungover, eh?

    Happy mother's day

  4. Good for you for being so athletic. My son laughed at me when I told him I was playing in the Parent Vs. Kids baseball game this weekend. Sigh.

  5. Good job!! Sounds like fun to me.

  6. OWOWOWOW ..... wanna go one on one?

  7. oh wow ok i laughed out load while reading this... girl u are silly congrats on the win. have a good week

  8. Love it! So glad you have such a great outlet and good friends. Wish I was...more motivated.

  9. I love it that you play soccer!!!

  10. Whoo-Hoo! And since you kicked some serious bootie I won't even mention all your grammar mistakes in this post. *oops!*

    Love ya, D! ;)

  11. Good for you! The only arse I kick is in Wii boxing or bowling.

  12. I LOVE athletic women!!!! The passion of wanting to win makes them HOT!!!!

    Great post!!!