Friday, June 25, 2010

Brain Freeze

Good lord this blog brain freeze has been going on for a while now.  I still got nada!  I need a muse or "something" to jump start my blogging juices and get them flowing again. 
Maybe that is a good thing.  Life seems to be going along pretty well right now with no major bumps to complain about.  In fact, I have a nice little distraction going on right now that I am going to sit back and enjoy. 
I am attending a cancer benefit this weekend and then plan on spending some time in the sun, drink a little wine and relax. 
Tell me what are your plans for the weekend? 
I want a new tattoo.  I need ideas of what and where?


  1. I'm getting drunk and then getting a tattoo. It'll say "Men Suck"

  2. See MM can get "Men Suck" on her azz and you can get "Except Sage" on your azz and then y'all can naked hug and it will all make sense!

    I was going to get "Power Stroke" Tattooed on my ass one time but decided against it. Sage anywhere or JS is always great Tat idea!

    Distractions are good too! Whats yours? Tell us tell us!

    I might take the kids fishing tomorrow haven't decided yet then I have to go to the mid west to work next week. Sounds fun huh?

  3. hell I can get you drunk and tattoo you at the same time....

    men don't suck... wait maybe some do if you are lucky... or not...

    what to get and where... we could chat about this all night with a bottle...

  4. I'm hanging out with the boys while my husband works himself to an early grave. Same shit, dif. day.

    I'm tat free so I have no idea.

  5. MindyMom needs to smoke something good with her wine to relax her. I think the 'men suck' tatt will come back to haunt her one day for

    I'm planning on going to Columbia to the Rapids which is a cool place in the middle of the city where people come and hang out, swim, drink, and try not to fall off of one of the giant rocks which cascade across the water like stepping stones to balance gets hard after several drinks, believe me. You can take a tube and walk up the trail and go down the rapids for several hundred yards and there's a few ropes in trees for swinging out over the river. It's a cool place with families, rednecks, bikers, students, and their pets.

    Be safe and have FUN!!!

  6. @ Don Juan - Agreed about the smoking something, wine and relaxing. And all men that *I* know (or know WELL, I should say)have proven that they do, in fact, suck. So it kinda already DOES haunt me then, huh? Maybe if I got a tat *someone* would be inspired to prove me wrong?

  7. @Mindy...have someone in mind? ;)

    And I'm having a few too many margaritas while I try to unwind from the week and forget all my troubles. Rest assured, there are ibuprofen on the nightstand and if I whimper...HE will bring me water to down them with. I'm stupid lucky.

  8. I am planning to spend a good portion of my weekend lounging at the swimming pool with a good book.

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Muse ? Maybe you need a hot romp in the hay. That will give you something to blog about.

    Have a nice weekend ! I will be working.

  10. Enjoy the weekend! No tat ideas, I'm afraid.

  11. I was at the beach this weekend, and I couldn't believe how many people had tattoos. They are mainstream, for sure. I like kanji characters tattooed on a woman's body. Pick a word you like.

  12. wait I want to hear all the details of your new distraction...because because I am nosy...I'm not going to lie!!