Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just call me the Man Repeller

Anyone that has hung around me in the last year or so has probably heard me say that I never get talked to, hit on or approached in anyway from men. In fact, Mindy and I have gone out on occasion and even she has noticed that when I am in her presence she doesn’t get approached either. She goes out with other people and has to beat the men away with sticks, but add me to the mix and it is like we have men repellant on.

Apparently, I put off some sort of vibe that says stay the hell away from me or I will scratch your eyes out and then eat you for a snack.

Now, I am a cute girl (Ha, is girl the appropriate term for a 40 year old, well I will be 40 in 12 days anyway). I work out constantly and have a good figure. I carry myself well and dress fashionably and mostly appropriate for my age! I am little bit on the smart assy side, but at least I can laugh and be (try to be) funny.

When I am in public with my roommates, they tell me that men check me out and on one occasion followed me around the entire grocery store. I somehow miss all this. But no one ever talks to me. EVER!!!!

So what gives? Is it me (I am guessing) or are men just huge pussies?


  1. Danielle, come on now honey. You are far from guy repellent. I think most men are pussies, especially when it comes to an attractive girl. It's this deep down fear of rejection I think that keeps most guys at bay, and it is more of a problem if said girl is smokin hot ;)

    Someone will man up, I know I would. Don't worry, hang in there.

  2. You're just not seeing it maybe. Make some eye contact sometimes and maybe something will spark them to talk to you!

    I'm quite sure you're not sporting man repellent. ;)

  3. okay, you've found me out, i'm just a big ol' pussy...

  4. Babe--the pussies are out there. In hordes. However, often I've found that men of quality basically see a gorgeous woman and assume that she's obviously taken, she's gay, or she's batshit crazy cause why else would she be alone?? lol So....make SURE you're not wearing rings, MAKE EYE CONTACT, and smile.

    Hottie...if I swung the other way, I'd stalk you madly!

  5. I do believe that some men are just huge pussies.

  6. Sorry, Sugar, I put the word out that I wanted you all to myself, and they best stay the hell away, until I could get out there and claim you!

    Kidding. *kinda* :)

    It's because basically, all men are just little boys. They may grow men bodies, but inside most of them are stuck somewhere between 9-13 years old.

    They have absolutely no idea how to verbalize the way they feel when they see someone as beautiful as they just sit there and say nothing.

    Trust me. It's NOT you!


  7. huge pussies... I wish you would eat me as a snack... *grins* and just like vixen said its not you.... you can be sure of that.

    and its true most men cannot say a word... hell even I found it hard until about tens years ago and now its all words for me....


  8. For the record I just want to say that I never noticed this until you pointed it out! It's true that men haven't approached you when we're out, but by no means are you a man-repellant - quite the opposite! I can think of one time in particular where you did kinda block yourself from being approached but in the meantime I was. Wait, I can think of another time too and there's a theme here! I think I may have the answer!

  9. Might be something for you to be more conscious of. You might have a look on your face or giving off a vibe that you're not to be disturbed. We all get busy and stressed, sometimes we forget to turn it off.

  10. Oh dear... no!!! Some men might be intimidated by a confident woman? Like what was said, they fear the rejection. Some eye contact and a nice smile should ease things up!

  11. I totally agree with Spring Flower are intimidated by strong, beautiful confident women. From what I understand, they like them deaf, dumb and stupid so that they feel better about their pussy selves....... :) You don't want those ones anyways.......

  12. If I ever get out your way I'll talk to you, in public too! Who knows? You just may win the Date With The Savage Contest...

  13. I think you just walk around with your eyes closed. From your itty-bitty profile pic, I'm willing to put lots and lots of money down that you are more than just cute. And the rockin' bod, well, I'm convinced of that. So open your eyes girl! Quit checking out the cookies in the grocery store and have a look at the goods! Ha! That was very clever of me, if I do say so myself!

  14. as all have said its certainly NOT that you are repelling these men! BUT maybe you are giving off a vibe. It has been mentioned that I tend to do this too!! However I am OK with that!:) if you are not..then smile, flirt and notice who is around you! let them know its OK..:)

  15. You are asking the wrong person, because I am in the same predicament as you. I am a TOTAL man repellant. I can't remember the last time a man has come up and genuinelly started a conversation with me.

    I think you and I should get together and hang out, we will clear male-inhabited places out !

    I do think I may be putting the "stay the fuck away from me" vibe out there. I don't like it, but deep down I know it's true and I don't know how to change it.

  16. I totally have an opinion on this.

    But...uh...I probably shouldn't share it....lmao...

    Do you smile? A lot? I mean the kind of smile that is void of the growl and clenched teeth?

    Ahhh...I kid, I kid....

  17. Allot of my male friend shy away from talking to attractive woman (fear of rejection), I always tell them to iniated conversations (I do). Maybe, you should initiate some converstations yourself. For your record you would not repell me

  18. [came in through dad's house icyww]
    d'ya go where there is a large concentration of men, and still have the issue? like Bandemire, for ex.? A rock climbing wall at the local REI? And then PAY Attention! When a guy walks up and makes a comment to you, he is waiting for acknowledgement. Even just eye contact... something that says 'don't worry I won't rip your lungs out.' If your friends say that guys check you out, believe them, and realize that you aren't noticing it. Therefore you aren't acknowledging.

    Why would they talk to you without the go-ahead? It doesn't have to be more than a look, and a minor softening around the eye... but if I don't get it, I won't bother you with an amusing comment. Being olde enough to know better, I can tell you I've had plenty of open hostility from women... from passing comments like: "geez this line is long, did everyone decide to get groceries at 7pm on friday?" The look I got would've curdled new milk and make the kids scream.
    Be more apprachable, and be more approached...

  19. I don't know what gives. I mean hell...I've met you and I hit on you!

    I know I personally, come off as somewhat unapproachable. *Completely unintentionally* But you..I never got that impression at all. I don't know what gives!

    Work it girl, go after them! ;)

  20. Well your way gorgeous.. so their loss...I think you are beautiful and confident and men can't always handle that...your not putting out man hater signs think that 20 yrs. are going to fullfill them...dumb I know...but I can't tell you how many old and I mean old men contact me off is frightening...I am a well educated woman and I think 40 is a good age...but men my age...want younger women...WTF?

  21. Men evidently where you live are idiots.

  22. Some men aren't confident enough to approach an attractive woman, but plenty are.

    I'd be willing to bet something about your body language is sending a signal. I'd also be willing to bet men do approach you, but like "D" suggested, it comes as an innocent comment or off-hand remark, a little trolling of the line before committing to dropping the hook. If you don't percieve it as a come-on, well, you may not respond with a nibble, and he moves on. And likewise, you think you're repelling men, when in fact, you just missed the signals.

    But take it for what it's worth, because it's all hypothesis on my part.

  23. Ok, you're right, men are pussies.
    Beautiful women frighten the average guy because they think that they are out of their league
    And it's an ego thing---ok, she's beautiful and I'd love to be with her but I don't want to get another knock back.
    Oh, and you're confident and funny---two things that we love in a partner ----but two things that show that you're not lonely and you don't need me.
    So yep, we are stupid pussies

  24. I'm thinking you simply give off a 'not interested vibe. I've been told that I really project my feelings. And I know how to keep people at bay when I need to. You may be wary and that's what men sense.

    At the same time...there are also plenty of stupid pussies out there...

  25. I'm sure everyone else covered this here (I can't commit to reading all 25 of your comments) - but hello in-good-shape, fashionable, cute girl: Men are probably intimidated by you!! If they're checking you out, they're clearly attracted - but maybe you're just too hot for teacher. :) Smile more, that should do the trick. :) And remember - you only need one to hit on you for everything to change in an instant.

  26. Maybe you do get hit on, but you ignore the advances and send off a vibe that tells them to go away. You have to be in tune with what you really want, and it will find you.

  27. Men are chickens. Plain and simple.

    Maybe you should start hitting on them! You are one hot mama!!

  28. men are intimidated by strong, beautiful confident women.

    Hah, I almost choked on my coffee. There are tons of us who could care less if you are smarter and earn more than we do. Strong, beautiful and confident is not intimidating in the slightest.

    Maybe the question is why aren't you asking men out.

  29. Danielle-

    I think men figure you are already taken. No lie. I'd think that. Someone beautiful like yourself, I'd figure you were taken.

    And most single men are pussies... why do you think they are single!?

    Let the stoning begin...I don't care... I truly believe that. :)

    Love ya girl

  30. No one likes rejection, guys especially. So faced with the potential of getting shot down or just moving on, most guys choose the later. MInd you, these are the same guys that say they can't meet any girls forgetting to mention that they refuse to grow a pair. How do I know this? My 2 year relationship would never have happened were she not to have approached me first. Its also timing, approaching an individual girl within a group of girls on "girls night" takes major mojo, of which, I have never possessed.

  31. I do have to agree that I believe that the majority of men are hesitant to spark up a conversation with a woman (even more so an attractive woman). Call it immaturity, lack of cojones, or just plain shy.
    My recent divorce and subsequent single life has taught me a great deal. For one that it is not improper to initiate a conversation with a woman. Because most women will not mince words if they are not interested in chatting.
    Love your blog!

  32. Yep, I'm with some of the others - if you give off the vibe of "don't talk to me" or "I'm not interested" ... they don't come a knockin. That's my thought. Are you making eye contact with anyone you find charming??

  33. Make eye contact if you want to talk to them and when they catch your eye give their body a quick up and down with your eyes and smile

  34. It's not the men; it's you. No offence intended but some people do put out a stay the heck away vibe. On the flip side some people put out an "available" vibe whether intended or not. I know people that are both ways. Most times you don't notice or control it. Just relax and the chips will fall where they will. No pressure. Just be and they will talk to you.