Friday, September 10, 2010

Mommy in need of help or Wine!


Any of you parents that have raised polite, sweet, happy, well rounded children have any advice for me. I need positive discipline techniques for a 3 year old. I am creating a little bossy mini me and we can not have two of me in the same house hold. I can’t afford my wine bills anymore!

Her new saying is “gosh mommy you’re so rude!”

Signed a frazzled mid life mommy!


  1. *sigh* Would you look at that sweet face!

    I can't help you. I had a boy. That little angel would have me wrapped around her finger!


  2. Seriously? You complain after all the stories I tell you about my kids? Just last night DD ruined the carpet, a rug, and end table with bright pink nail polish! And she was NOT to be painting her nails where she did.

    Toots is way too cute and a good kid - she's just a typical 3 y/o girl! Stand firm and you will be fine. But I can tell you, as the mother of four girls, be sure to keep the wine in your budget no matter what!

  3. Sorry I can't help... Yeah.. I'd so be wrapped around her cute little fingers....

  4. My kids have always known who was in charge. Even from the get go. Never let her talk disrespectfully to you. Even if it comes off as cute because she's three.

    My kids have always responded well to consequences. I understand that some kids could give a shit less, so obviously that won't work for you if your child falls under that category. ;)

  5. I would just tell you to beat her senseless, but don't people get arrested for that nowadays ?

    (totally kidding btw)

  6. She's precocious ;)

    And 3, it's normal, for sure. Stay strong. She'll grow into a fabulous young lady.


  7. Just stumbled upon your blog. Nice to see another Colorado face! Will be reading more as time allows, but one suggestion:

    Kids have to learn that they are kids, not adults. That they can't necessarily do or say what we do or say. There have to be clear, constant lines. Trust me. It will make the rest of your life so much easier.

    And, the need for wine never stops. Ever.

  8. I have a four year old.... who thinks she's fourteen... She will argue the sky is black not blue on a good day....Wish I had some really wise words of wisdom for you.... the only thing I can say... is pick your battles... and try to really stick to your decisions... when you say something... you really have to mean it... I've started telling people my child suffers from "OCS"... that's Only Child Syndrome... lol : ) or the latest... CSS that's Can't Share Syndrome.... My mom assures me there's no such thing as terrible 4's... but I don't believe her... lol...

  9. Hey, it's just another phase in life and you will live through it.
    What you must do is record it all somewhere---video or a diary, so that you can bring it all up at her 21st birthday and embarrass her
    Now pour a nice wine and relax

  10. I'm far from an authority on the subject because my two year old has me wrapped around her finger. But the one thing I will never let her do is get away with not doing as I ask, once I say something to her, I expect her to listen because I don't ask to much of her.

    I'm partial to Rum myself, but I'll bring wine so we can cope together.

  11. Oh girl you are so in trouble… with those looks you will not be the only one in trouble. I can see that coming and now I wonder where does she get it? I t might be an easy fix if she did not mimic you. But your words as she does the fix is the same but you are going to feel like.. a hypocrite maybe… but guess what… get over it and do what is right…

    And yell….

    Do as I tell you… not as I do…



    Sorry but your payback is coming to you…. *grins* wish I could help, but that’s no mans land…. Good luck sexy

  12. Baby steps. She'll test you over and over again. Be persistent, consistent, and think of it as a marathon.

  13. OMG She is adorable!! I agree with pick your battles. And even though you want to laugh when she sasses back with something funny as shit, DONT let her see you laugh!

    You'll be fine, just make sure she is starting to understand when you REALLY mean business and you're not playing around. When I used my kids middle name she knew I meant business and I wasnt playing.

    Have fun and drink your wine. Its good for your heart. ;)

  14. Awe I feel for you... when you say no mean it. I know it is hard with her cute little face looking back at you...time out works and I use Jewish guilt tactics even though I am not Jewish...guilt works really well....stay strong she can feel when you are having a stressful day....and she knows how to push your buttons...that is her job. your doing a great job I promise...

  15. First, pick your battles. Dont say No just out of habit. But if the answer IS no. Then dont change your mind after she whines and throws a fit. All that teaches her is to whine and throw a fit.

    My boys know that there is a time out EVERYWHERE. If they misbehave at the store, bam! Time out in the corner. And I make it a big embarrassing thing too... lol They know not to mess with me in public.

  16. It's not terrible two's ... it's terrible three's. Trust me, I've been through it three times.

    Don't let her away with rudeness, there's nothing worse than a rude kid that believes he/she has the right to say whatever they want.

    I used to ignore Haley when she was rude. I'd tell her if she couldn't speak to me kindly than I didn't want to talk to her at all. It would cause a major hissy fit bit it worked...

  17. I say it's time to lay down the law! Keep in mind, though, that I have no kids :)

  18. Will you buy me a glass of wine if I tell you my secrets?

  19. Lots of good comments. My only addition is to encourage you to follow through with any threats of punishment. It'll temper your need to say something just for the sake of it and it'll give them a very clear line of what's ok and what's not. That line is different for every parent, but it's only enforceable if your kids know where it is. And it's only fair too.

    I'm reminding myself here too cause I've let that slide a lot lately.

    Good luck!

  20. It's truly the terrible 3s...not 2s. Hang in there!!

  21. I'd give you advice but I don't want to terrify you. My daughter's 32 and still thinks it's not fair that she isn't Queen of The Universe. I think it might be hereditary. ;)

    (Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

  22. why you so mean to that angel??????????????

  23. Oh, my son is turning three this month and all I hear is how much worse the threes are than the twos. Good luck and Happy 28th!

  24. HEY!! Happy Birthday youngster!

  25. Ditto Blue Zoo and Dual Mom...consistancy is the key...I think anyway. LMAO. I'm SOOOO in trouble with mine. I can feel it in my bones.

  26. I'm pretty sure it's against the law to discipline an that having been said, you may need to sell your body on the street to afford the wine. Just carry condoms. Oh and a paper bag in case you can exchange services for wine! See, now I'm onto something!

  27. You have a beautiful baby girl. I bet you cherish her, I don't have kids, but if she was mine, I'd spoil her (and her mommy), tell her boys are bad and prevent her from leaving the house until she was 30.

    Only suggestion I have, (not having kids makes this very subjective) be consistent in your message and expectations of her, follow through on warnings and never get into a verbal exchange.

    I don't understand how your single.

  28. I dont know what to say but i'd love to see this lol

  29. I don't know who came up with the old "Terrible Two" saying, because in MY world it was the Fricken Three's.

    Yes, at three they have a vocabulary but what they don't have is a good ability to reason. It sucks.

    I used a method of time outs. But see, my darling Miss Em would spend her three minutes in time out WIGGING out and those time out's meant less than crap to her. So ... I finally changed it around a bit.

    When I'd had enough, she got put in her room. Oh, I had to completely "kick safe" her room as well. Anyway, when in there, I allowed her to throw THE biggest, baddest, worst tantrum she wanted to. She could kick, punch, knock shit over, I didn't care. BUT - when she came out of that room, that tantrum WAS OVER and she was NOW going to spend three minutes of 'Sweet Time' in her time out spot. If there was ONE SECOND of non-sweet time, back in her room she went.

    And you know, she responded well to this. In a three year old sort of way. :)

  30. D.
    I have a three year old and I can relate to what you are going through. My little angel is quite familiar with time outs. It took a little while to get her to understand the concept of a time out. I used to sit in front of her to keep her on the chair and kept reminding her why she was there. Now she knows exactly what a time out is. That is not saying she is perfect now - far from it. She now sits in time out glaring at me. She can be quite bull headed (like her father). It is a work in process - but I think the main thing is consistency.