Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not your average "pick a color" kinda place

So, me being the girlie girl that I am, found this A-MAZ-ING place to get pedicures. First of all they only do pedis and manis. NO fake nails, so that smell is not permeating your nostrils the whole time. You walk in to a clean and very feng Shui environment that smells of eucalyptus. Mmmmmm Ahhhhhh!!!

They have those great lounge chairs that give you real (hard) massages and make you want to Prrrrrrr. They start by soaking your feet and doing the normal pedicure stuff, but then.......

They exfoliate your feet and legs. They place yummy smelling oil on them and massage for a good 20 minutes. Not the wimpy, afraid to touch your dirty hairy legs kinda massage either. More like the, I want to destroy every muscle you have and give you wobble leg for the rest of your life kinda massage. I LOVE IT!!!!

and then.......

They pour warm chocolate, I am talking REAL chocolate ladies all over your feet and legs and massage it in with hot rocks. OMG!!!!! and then.......

They paint your toes so that the polish actually stays on for at least 1 month and looks good. Yes, 1 month without touch up. But, who can stay away for that long I ask? and then.......

As you are drying, they massage your back, neck and arms for at least another 15 minutes. Seriously, what a freaking great concept. The whole thing usually takes a good hour and a half and you feel like a flipping bowl of exotic JELLO when you leave.

By the way, they always cut and paint Toots toes and let her sit in a chair next to me. A mini massage for my baby. They are sooooooo great. The whole thing costs about $50. I go a little over board on the tip but it is so worth it.


  1. That sounds like heaven!

    Want to know how long the french manicure on my hands lasted the last time I went. Not even 24 hours. It peeled off in big huge chunks.

    I swear it's a fing conspiracy!

  2. Candice- That is how they make thier $$