Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is truly a Happy Thanksgiving!

A whole bunch of things have been going on in my world over the last week or so that haven't been a lot of fun and I have been feeling depressed about it.


I started reading all of your blogs today and realized that this is a good time in my life and beyond a few bumps in the road, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I am most thankful for my daughter and the life she has brought to me. She has opened my eyes to a life that is so full of joy and love now. She makes me smile in my most down moments. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

For my family and how they are always there for me no matter what.

For my friends, old and new. I owe you all a big thanks for so many reasons.

For mine and my families health.

For the freedom we experience every day to be who we are. Thanks to those who fight to give us this right.

For my soon to be ex-husband for giving me the experiences that we had. Good or bad, I am glad that I got to experience them. I hope we become good friends.

For the meal that we are going to have tomorrow. Some people won't get to have a full tummy and enjoy a glass of wine among people they love.

For a closet FULL of clothes.

For a job that allows me to pay my bills and keep my daughter safe.

Just an hour ago, I was feeling sorry for myself and now, I could actually go on for days about the good in my life.

I am truly a lucky girl.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!!!!


  1. It does help when you write it all down, doesn't it?

    I'm glad you are feeling better.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Danielle.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, and your daughter has beautiful blue eyes !

  3. Your daughter is precious. I'm glad that you were able to find the perspective that helped your mood. It can be hard, but those things are always floating in the background when you need them.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Ditto, I'm pretty incredibly lucky, too. I loved your list - it mirrors my own. Isn't it great? ;)

  5. She's so beautiful, Danielle. Just like her mama. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy thanksgiving!!!! it will get better every year!

  7. Beautiful girl. Hope you both enjoy the day.

  8. I am thankful to have met you, Mindy and Cyndi. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon.

  9. It's great to give thanks! An attitude of gratitude does a world of good. Happy Thanksgiving and happy blogging too!! :-)

  10. Your girl is downright gorgeous, just like her mama.

    Happy Holidays pumpkin.

    Hugs and bacon,


  11. She is so beautiful!!

  12. I am thankful to have met you, Mindy and Cyndi. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon.

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