Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Lil Sis, YES YOU!

Dear little/taller/sister/blog stalker,
I know that you are reading this as you have all of my other posts without my even telling you that I even have a blog.
You and your dad came into mine and my mother’s life when you were 7 and I was 29. It was weird to say the least. Some how, I, being an only child for 29 years was supposed to take you in as a little sister and guide you. I resisted for a while and then somehow, you weaseled your little irritating self into my world and my heart.
Listen up- You are better than how you are portraying yourself right now. I know that you are a teenager and all of the pressure can be overwhelming to you, but this is truly the easiest you will ever have it. Life gets a whole lot tougher when you get out in the real world. You need to get through High School so that you can get a job. You are a beautiful girl with the wit of someone well beyond your years. You can do what ever you want to with ease if you just put a little effort behind it.
I know that it feels like your parents are the worst people in the world right now, but I can assure you that someday you will understand that your dad loves you more than anything in this world and just wants you to be a good person.
You are about to go through some really big changes that I am sure are going to feel like are the end of the world. Please learn from them, move on and make something of yourself. Take this time to figure some things out about what is good for you, not your friends, or the boys that you won’t care about 2 years from now. Those people don’t define you. You may not even remember their names next year, so please stand firm in who you are!
I know that you feel like we are all against you, maybe even that we have given up on you. I promise that we have not. We just want you to realize how much potential you have and do something with it. That you are so much better than the person that you are fighting to be. Please wake up and see where you are heading and change the course. For my daughter that is going to look up to her aunt some day. For me, that wanted no part of you at first and now has been won over and wishes nothing but greatness for you. For all of us that have a great deal of faith in you.
I am and always will be here for you. Stay strong.


  1. I wish I had a big sister like you back when I was a teen! Hell, I wish I had a sister period.

    As I tell my own teen daughters;

    "You do know I was a teenage girl once, right? And there's probably nothing you could do that I haven't already done and then learned from the hard way. You can't shock me or make me love you any less. But you really should listen when I tell you something."

    If only I had someone trying to help me NOT learn the hard way...

    Wise words Danille. I hope they are taken to heart.

  2. I second that Little Sister! I was a VERY headstrong stubborn teen (and still am). I had to learn everything the hard way. There are several lessons I still wish that I hadn't needed to learn the hardway...and really I didn't need to. I should've just listen to my older sister who was telling me this same thing...

    Best of luck with whatever it is you're struggling with....draw on your sister's support!

  3. What a great letter. I hope she heeds the advice!

  4. Thanks guys for your encouragment on this. I hope that she reads the letter and the comments from you all and GETS IT! SOON

  5. Nice letter ! She won't really understand it until she writes one of these if she has children.

  6. hell yeah! i wish i had a big sister like you to guide me through those times.

  7. Dear Little Sister,

    Your big sis is right. It may be hard to understand, but the fact is, she loves you enough to tell you the truth.

    I hope you realize that's something only those who care about you usually do.

    Hugs and bacon,


  8. You are a good sister. I wish I had someone like that when I was a teen.

  9. Wow, that's a straightforward but sweet message to your sister. Youthful exuberance, I remember those days.

  10. How sweet!

    I hope she takes all of the excellent advice you've given her, and she runs with it.

  11. My 10 year old could heed these words now (so can her mom)