Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maybe I shouldn't have asked!

I submitted my blog into Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

I knew what I was getting into by doing this and was prepared for a beating. I like a good beating now and then and was looking forward to hearing what they had to say. Criticism, whether constructive or not can help us grow if we choose to allow it and I say bring it on!

They were not as hard on me as I thought they were going to be. They pointed out a lot of things that I already know about my self. Like I can’t spell worth a shit and grammatically, I am like a second grader. If spell check doesn’t pick it up, it doesn’t get fixed. My English teacher grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew this. Maybe I am just rebelling against her and her iron fist. Nah, I just sucked in English.

They also pointed out that I am not a good writer, and that I read more like a teenager than and intelligent adult. I am also very aware of this. I have never thought of myself as a writer, nor have I ever wanted to be one. I write here to express feelings and tell some of my story and to connect with all of you. I actually never expected to have any followers or to care as much about this blog as I do. I knew I would not be writing a book, or receiving any awards for how or what I write, so, when I read that, I chuckled a bit knowing that I too make myself cringe at times. The blogs that I read are because of the content and how I relate rather than the actual writing, but I also hate reading very grammatically poor writing, so I get how they feel. I am actually very smart, but not very articulate when it comes to putting it on paper/computer. I laugh at most of my stuff and how badly I put things into words and I usually I cringe at my own posts when I go back and re-read them, but hell, it is me and I hope that you all look past it.

She actually called me pathological and said that she might want to slap some sense into me when it comes to the men that I choose and honestly, that one statement made me laugh so hard that I now love her. She then went on to say that my blog was not all just a “hodge podge of suck” (I had to throw that in there) and that I have some redeeming qualities.

She ended up giving me 1 star and honestly, that is more than I expected and with some of the comments that I read, that is more than most expected, but hey, I am happy with it. As with all other aspects of my life, I am learning as I go and working on things that I can fix. I will just add this to the list that seems to get longer and longer every day.

I can handle it though, because I am a “mommy blogger” and have big shoulders!

Thanks to Ask and Ye Shall Receive. I really do appreciate your time and review.


  1. I thought that was the niecest review I have ever read on there, so good for you! Me, I just don't have the balls to go for it. So good for you on that one, too!

  2. Shit. I can't spell either, at least in comments.

  3. I can't spell either...doesn't mean I don't know what the words mean. I used to be on my game...the busier my life gets the worse my spelling gets.

    I know for a fact that I write at the level of a teenager. I work with them all day...If I used the vocabulary and register I used to (before taking this job) no one would ever understand me. :O) Plus, 99% of my day my grammar and spelling skills are translated by my facial expressions and body language :O) Sign language is not a written language...

    Kudos to you for asking for the review! Takes balls ma'dear

  4. Kori- Thanks! I agree, it wasn't that bad and I am not sure what got into me.
    Daffy- We get what we meant, even if we can't spell it.

  5. LOL Im the same way with that spell check. And I know I get comma happy.

    I think I used to be smart before I had kids. Now Ive noticed that even Dora the Explorer seems to have a bigger vocabulary than I do.

  6. I still don't have the guts to submit my blog. I admire not only that, but your ability to take criticism so well. Congrats and good for you!

  7. Haha - I love your blog. And I think your grammar is fine. I tend to let it hang out on my blog, and I'm trying to be a published book author. No way will I let that English teacher voice in my head tell me to write any different. (Or is it differently. Who cares? Haha)

  8. Huh, never heard of that site before and in all honesty I'm not sure I have the courage for a review either so at least we know you have that!

    And I think our regular readers are the only opinions that matter anyway.

  9. Hmmmmm.... could I submit?

    Yikes. I'd be skeered!

    I didn't think the review was all that bad. She made me laugh out loud too.

    Good for you!

    Now, I will go see if I'm brave enough...

  10. I submitted my blog there a long time ago. It was an interesting experience.

    Haven't been back to the site in a while. I'll have to go and check your review out. :)

  11. Woah. I don't think I'm even brave enough to try submitting my blog to them. I don't think I could take the criticism. Kudos to you for doing it, but don't put too much stock into what they said. I think your blog is fantastic!

  12. You know....I've always believed that writing is "permanence of thought." That it takes what is fleetingly in one's mind and simply makes it concrete. Some have ordered logical thoughts...some have chaos. Personally, I prefer the roiling stormy surge of black clouds just before a thunderstorm....the smell of rain about to fall. It's magical, ephemeral; and if you are lucky enough to capture have treasure.

    I dig your thoughts! (review be damned) lol

  13. Oh dude, I am SO never doing that. Kudos to you for laughing about it!

  14. Wow intense! I bet they would rip my little Mommy ass to shreds! Go you :) and hey, isn't blogging an outlet for the teenager in all of us anyway?

  15. I never even knew that blog existed. I'll have to read for some entertainment.

    I'll skip the 3rd party...I know I spell like a 4th grader, I write my blog like I talk/think so no grammar rules for me, the content is all over the place and I'm sure with my relationship BS I sound like I'm about 19 and don't have any life under my belt.

    Maybe for fun I should see if they agree?

  16. My mom tells everyone that I write like I talk. And she's right. I do. And I'm okay with that. I'm not writing to impress anyone. I'm writing to remember our trip and sometimes just to vent and feel better. If I was worried about HOW I was writing, it would be more WORK instead PLAY.
    I enjoy reading your blog, and I think you do a good job. I love hearing about your daughter, I guess because she's about the same age as Sarah, and I feel like I can SO totally relate to the things she's doing!
    Keep it up. You're doing it for YOU. Not anyone else.

  17. dang, this is the first post i've read of your, and besides anything else- good job having the guts to do that! my stomach turns at the thought of me submitting my blog!

  18. I write like I talk, sometimes, and I'm okay with that. Hey, I thought her review was kinda ... snarky funny. :) You asked for it though, right? BALLS! You haz 'em.