Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are you AWARE of this?

I am currently listening to the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the first leg of the book, she travels to Italy and meets some new friends. One of her new friends Julio tells her that every place has a “word” that describes it. Like Rome’s word is sex. I think she said that New York’s word would be driven and she named a few others that were exactly as I would have guessed.

It got me thinking. What word am I? I can think of a few that others would describe me as, but probably can’t write on my blog unless I change the rating to X. Heh! But really what word would I use to describe “ME”? One word that truly tells you who I am on all levels. I am going to add in here, “at this point in my life”. Back in the day, I would have described myself as shallow or materialistic, or angry. But what about today, right now.

AWARE: After almost a week of thinking about this, A LOT, this is the word that most resonates with me right now.

I am acutely AWARE of how much work I have a head of me when it comes to getting healthy.

I am AWARE that when I say or do something that is not what I consider on the path to getting where I want to be, I need to stop, figure out why I did or said that and then readjust.

I am AWARE that when I hear or see others doing things that I do, have done, or don’t want to be around anymore; I need to take action with boundaries.

I am AWARE of how much my daughter needs me to grow, learn and lead by example.

I am AWARE of the fact that I can do this and that my efforts will result in good.

I am AWARE of the fact that I don’t let people complete what they are saying before I jump in and either finish their sentence or add something in about me. I need to listen more.

I am AWARE of myself when I get irritated or frustrated with my 2 year olds age appropriate actions.

I am also AWARE that I am AWARE now and this is a very good thing and a huge step for me.

I am AWARE that I have been a big part of the problems in my relationships.

I am AWARE of how much my childhood has affected me and how I need to let go.

I am AWARE of the fact that I need to value me!

I am AWARE of how much I am capable of doing and how far I can go.

I could go on and on, but really what I am AWARE of is EVERYTHING and this is such a big step for me!!!!!

This is a good thing, because how do you make change if you are not AWARE of what is wrong?

So, what is your word?


  1. I love it! Great awareness! :)

    My word?


    Can you say, "overthinker"?


  2. amazing!! Your word is great!! and the post inspiring! hmm..what would my word be?...I am 'whole'. its been a journey..and its a progress but for the first time ever, I am content in who I am, complete as I am..I am WHOLE!:)

  3. I am amazed at the changes in you just since I have been reading. And I love the word "aware," because it really IS the first step toward making positive changes. Well done!

  4. I love this post. It nearly made me cry. It's so hard to get onto a path of awareness, but once there, it cannot be stopped. Good for you! I love it.

    As for a word that describes me, the first that came to mind was clever. But then devilish came to mind. Haha. Is clevilish a word? (btw - I mean devilish in a little boy sort of way. I'm a good guy, I promise!)

  5. Great Post Danielle!

    I have definitely seen you become more aware in the time I have known you. We all know you can't change what you dont acknowledge so having awareness is HUGE. And we also know *some* people never get there so pat yourself on the back.

    You go girl! :)

  6. You are so enlightened! Aware is the perfect word to describe you right now! I can't even begin to imagine what my word would be, maybe Change, I have been through so much of it over the last few years, mostly good though!

  7. I'll have to give this one some thought.

    It's wonderful that you've put so much thought into who you are...and who you want to be.

  8. Aware is most definitely the first step. As for my word...centered. Finally, I feel like I know who I am and where I'm going and I'm enjoying the journey. Definitely centered.

  9. Great post ! You are definitely very aware ! I wish you success and happiness this year ! You are on the right path to getting everything that you want.

  10. Oh wow. I think you picked the best word for yourself "at this point". Right on!

  11. I love your word. I really am not sure I even want to know mine!

  12. I loved that book and love your take on it. Great work!

  13. I don't know that I have a single word that is me other than me.

    If you didn't know I'm now primarily at

  14. Hi! Prickly here. I think you should google 'subpersonalities' and 'voice dialogues'. We all are a composite of multiple aspects of personality. We are made up of those as a result of upbringing, social conditioning, one-off experiences and lifelong consciousness. It's normal and unique. Getting to know 'all' your personalities, and knowing how to use them, makes a big difference to how we understand ourselves. Better still, if you can find a therapist who does voice dialogues, go to them. I do it but, unless I can find a way to come to the US (tax free), I can't help you beyond this post. Unless one of us has a rich uncle about to die... Well done on your enlightenment. Keep going. It's a great journey and takes you to a whole new place. Meet you there! x

  15. Prickly- Get your blog going faster. I think you can teach me a lot!

  16. It's good to see the growth in you. It looks healthy.

  17. One thing I would add--knowing how that AWARE feeling can be--is to be KIND to yourself. In the midst of awareness, sometimes we can beat ourselves up. Just don't do that. Be aware, process, work through things...but also allow yourself some grace and mercy. Trust me.