Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The birth of my daughters new life and mine.

April 9th 2007. I came home from work early because I was so tired and achy. My mother met me at my town home to put the final touch in the baby's room. The glider that I was to hold/rock her every day for the next year of our lives. She kept saying that I looked really tired and I should lay down. She left and I did as any good daughter would do. I laid down. About 20 minuets later, I got up to get a drink of water and heard/felt a POP, then a gush of water. I thought my darling daughter had kicked her foot so hard that it was now protruding from my body. Seriously, I looked!

I called my mom who just got home from my house and told her "I think my water just broke". "Ok, Ok I am on my way. call your doctor" . She was in full panic and it made me laugh. My doc told me to come in to the office and he would make sure that it was amniotic fluid since I was 3 weeks away from my due date and I had just been to see him a few days before with NO sign of baby. Yep, that was what it was and I was being shipped to the Hospital. This is where the fun started.

My mom was in rare form. She was driving, which has always scared me, and BOOM. Some girl ran into the back of us. We pulled over and I, the calm one got out of the car to quickly figure this out and get back on our way. My mother on the other hand started crying and screaming at the girl. "My daughter is having a baby" "Mom, I am not in labor, my water broke and that is it. Calm down and get back in the car". So as my luck goes, the girl didn't have her licence, her insurance and she was in a hurry too get to work and didn't want us to call the police. She was going to leave the scene. I called anyway and told them that she was going to leave and I needed to go to the hospital. What do I do, let her go?? The police said they were on their way, get as much info as you can and stay there. We did, the police showed and said they were going to escort us to the hospital so they could take the info. I decided to drive this time. I missed my exit and the officer called my cell phone to see if I knew where I was going. We finally made it and the police women came in with me. It was a nightmare and embarrassing.

On to the room for the arrival of my baby.

There is a tradition in my step fathers family that all of his sisters go to every birth. So here I am with 7 women in the room with me. I think the nurses wanted to call the police back. They gave me pitosen and I had a few contractions. Then came the good stuff. The epidural. Basically I had the easiest labor in the history of birthing. But then, my little daring gave us all a scare and went into fetal distress. At least 5 nurses came in screaming for everyone to get out of the room!!! Then they rushed me past my frantic mother and the 6 other women to have an emergency c-section. My doc showed up and my little one went back to normal. We decided to wait on the c-section and see if we progressed normally. Then around 7:00 am on April 10th it happened again. She went into fetal distress and they took her. I had a c-section and my mom was the only one allowed in. When they laid that little girl on my chest and we looked into each others eye, something magical happened. My mom said that she had never seen anything so beautiful as the look on my face. We both started to cry.

But as always, my freaked out mom made everyone laugh with her absurd way of thinking. My baby's genitals were swollen and this is what my mother did. "You told us we were having a girl, Is she a boy?????" Everyone including the doc started laughing.

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