Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day to day life

So life is never boring for us. Here is a sample of what a day is like for us.


4:45 am I wake to get myself ready which includes packing lunch and bribery snacks for Toots for the drive to daycare and work.

5:30 am I begin the process of waking the little one up. This is the scariest part of my day and hers too I am guessing from what we go thru every morning!

I get about 1 minute of complete joy when I see her face and then the race begins. I literally have to try to change her diaper and dress her before she fully wakes up or it's like all-star wrestling. I don't get to comb her hair or put cute bows in it. She usually goes to daycare looking like Medusa.

5:45 Toots sits on the kitchen counter as MB and I try to feed her breakfast with out her throwing it back at us.

6:00 we load up the car, making sure we have the DVD player, a sippy of milk, one of the many blankies and something that Toots will consider a cawkie. (Cookie) Usually whole wheat toast.

Mommy has her smut books on tape to drown out the sound of Elmo.

6:30 we meet our God sent of a daycare lady/friend at a half way point and hand over the little angry angle!!!!

7:00-4:00pm Mommy works and Toots finds peace with the twins that she plays with all day, a new cute hair style (which is different every day), new words, and all of the stuff that I miss since I have to work and support our lives.

4:30 is a repeat in the opposite direction as the drive to work/daycare. Lots of bribery and laughs since Toots is in a much better mood. Thank God mornings only happen once a day.

5:30 we try to play out side or walk the soccer field across the street from the casa if the weather permits. MB usually arrives home between 6-midnight. (He is a work alcoholic)

6:30 we eat dinner at the dinner table (not on the counter like in the mornings)

7:30 Toots gets a bath which she LOOOOOVES. I get drenched and all is good until it is time to get into jammies. My child has a real affliction to getting dressed for some reason. I am usually chasing her around and under furniture with clothes getting a piece on here and there.

8:00 Toots gets a sippy of milk and gets 10 mins to watch TV and mellow out.

8:15-8:30 It is off to dream land in her big girl bed for the little missy.

8:30-9:00 Mommy relaxes with a much needed glass of Merlot and off to dream land for me. Sometimes this includes my husband, but mostly he works.

Week-ends are a whole different animal.

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