Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekends ROCK

My little Toots is an angel when she can wake up on her own, so weekends are completely joyful. Her little internal alarm clock goes off between 6:45 and 7:30 am. She bangs on her bedroom door until I get up, gather her, all of her blankies and occasional baby or toy and pile us all into my bed. We watch cartoons and wrestle until the dogs want out or one of us gets hungry.

On Sundays I play soccer and drag my little one to every game that weather permits. I want her to enjoy outside activities and to see that there is more to life than the TV and a couch.

She has been to almost every one of my soccer games since the day she was born.

If there is no soccer, we will head to the gym, the park or errand running. MB loves to work in the garage on his jeeps and my little one helps him. She thinks she is a mechanic. In the summer we have been known to frequent the pool daily. Toots Loooves the water.

We have a great life together.

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