Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The last two years

So, the last two years have been unbelievable. How on earth do babies grow and change so fast in the first two years of life? Well here is what we have been up to since April 10Th, 2007.

For the first 6 months of toots life we lived alone in a condo that my mom and step father owned. I dragged her everywhere with me. We were inseparable. Best friends. I did it all on my own and loved every single minute of it.

Around the 6 month mark of toots life, money grew tight in the deteriorating mortgage business and I began to want a little help. I moved in with my mom and her husband into their big house in the foothills of Colorado. It was nice to have help even if it only came in the form of playing with or holding toots for an hour or so after work. It gave me time so that I could prepare for the next day. They gave me a chance to get my life on track so that I could provide my daughter with a future. I owe them more than I can ever repay.

Next came the part of my life where I met a man that I wished to spend more time with. We will call him MB.

So MB has a 16 year old daughter that he has raised for the most part by himself, a great job, a home, and LOVES me and my daughter. It was a whirlwind love and within 3 months toots and I were living in his home and planning to be a family. In fact, in Aug of 2008 we went to the JOP and did it. We got married.

I was 37, never married, hadn't lived with anyone in 10 years and just had a baby 1 year prior. Everyone said to slow down and enjoy, but nooooooo. I have done it all on my own up until now and I was going to make this my decision too. So here we are. MB, MB's daughter, Toots and I all under one roof trying to figure life out day by day.

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  1. Shes a pretty thing thats for sure.