Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hodge Podge of thoughts today.

First off, I am having a bad mommy week. Toots must have soiled her diaper while taking a nap and woke up with the most horrible diaper rash EVAH! Her little tush was almost blistered. She was screaming so loud that my neighbor came over to see if she was ok. We had been lucky until then. No rashes for the 1st two years of her life. I am not sure what kind of acid she has been ingesting, but WOW.

Next, we were invited to the park on Sunday for a fun filled day of BBQ, play and some harmless beer drinking. We were there for about an hour when I had to use the porta potty (Holy smells). Literally, I went in for 1 min and came out to HAIL! I ran back to where my baby was and she was screaming OWEE MOMMY! She had little welts everywhere.

Now she has a temperature of 102.4 and is droopy. I of course, being the mommy of the year had to drop her off at daycare instead of taking care of her. Why you ask? Because I am going on a cruise this next week and can't miss anymore work than I already am. So I am placing my sick baby in the hands of my beloved daycare lady/friend so I can enjoy 10 more days of drunken bliss away from my daughter.
I am definitely not winning any awards this year. :)

Next thought today is how are there so many f'ed up people in this world?

Even though I was raised around young drugged out parents, through the haze of it all, they taught me to be respectful and not a MOOCH!
We are taking my stepdaughters boyfriend on the cruise with us. We told him that we would pay for the cruise, but he had to pay for the flight ($275), his excursions, and any extra purchases. This has been planned for 3 months now and we have yet to see a dime. He is 18 and graduated last week. He has told us that he is looking for a job but can't find one. With the economy the way it is, I believed him and cut him some slack. BUT now, I have no more slack to give. We offered to let him earn his way by doing some yard work for us. He declined. One of our friends found him a very flexible job installing garage doors. He declined.

When I told him that he has to be 21 to drink on the ship, he said "god this is going to suck. I wouldn't have picked this trip."
Ummm are you fricking kidding me right now. When I was a teen, if someone would have offered to take me on a trip for virtually nothing, I would have been so grateful that I would have cleaned their toilet with my toothbrush. What gives with kids these days. Mow our yard for god sake. Get off your lazy ass and pay your way. Stop smoking pot all day and GET A JOB!!!!! GEESH

Ok, I feel better now! Wheeeww.

Did I mention that I am going on a 7 day cruise that will have loads of BEER????


  1. Woo hoo!

    Have an awesome trip...

    And try to ignore the mooch. Is he even going to be able to go with you at this point?! Oh, you paid in advance for the airfare didn't you... hopefully stepdaughter is wise to his slacker ways and kicks him to the curb!

  2. Kathy B- Yes, we paid in advance darn it. My stepdaughter does not see it yet and it has been a year. She is a smart girl too. She will figure it out when she is ready I guess. Thanks for the Woo Hoo. PS. Love your blog.

  3. You're totally right about kids these days - slackers one and all! Moochers are probably my BIGGEST pet peeve on this planet - so I fell for ya. I HOPE you get to enjoy your well-deserved cruise and try not to get too mad about the thought of moocher.... mooching, difficult as that may be... At least your little toots will be brought up with good, old fashioned VALUES about hard work and stuff....
    Well, bon voyage!

  4. Sorry about the diaper rash. I would always slather my kids little buts up with Eucerin cream regardless if they had a rash or not. It acted as a great barrier against the skin and they very rarely got diaper rash. If they did it was never bad at all.

    I hope you have a fabulous vacation!

  5. Harmless beer drinking? Hmmmm that doesn't sound fun. You need some harm to make it fun.