Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why can't I see you?

I am finally back from a 10 day cruise! I drank and ate from 7am on the 31st of April until 1 am June 6th. Vacations are great aren't they?

So here it is. The trip was beautiful and for the most part fun. I would have done a few things different like a 5 day cruise instead of 7 days. I was ready to get home and see my daughter about 4 days into the trip. I would not do the excursions and just check out the different Islands as I saw fit at the time, I would have gone with my girlfriends instead of my husband, (I joke, kind of) and I will never go on vacation with out my daughter again.

NOTE: My husband loves me again and has decided that I am worth keeping around. We got along pretty well last week, probably because we both remained drunk the entire trip. What ever it takes. We also met a couple that were disgustingly happy. Kissing, touching, and confessing their love for one another at every turn. They live a part because of work and only see each other for about 2 weeks every 3 months. Hey, that might work for us! :) BUT, it turns out that it was a facade. By the end of the trip they were getting divorced and couldn't stand the site of one another. I got to hear all of the gory details. I think my husband and I both realized that we do pretty well together.
Why do people fake appearance in marriage? It always come out in the wash.

Highlight of the trip for me: We went parasailing in Key West and as we were about 100ft above the ocean, I looked down and saw this GIANT sea turtle. He was just swimming around out in the middle of the ocean with nothing around. It was so cool. What a great feeling of freedom for me and the turtle.

Highlight of the trip for my husband: The night before disembarking from the ship, my husband and the above mentioned husband decided to tie one on. So the next morning in the airport, he was feeling a little under the weather. He had to throw up and wasn't near the bathroom sooooo, he found the nearest PLANT and let it go. There were people stopped and staring in awe. Very embarrassing, but priceless for story's.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I left my daughter with my mother and daycare lady/friend while I was away. From the day I arrived on the ship and saw hundreds of little ones every where, I felt like the worst mommy on earth. Every single thing I did (except the drinking part) made me think of her and how she would have had so much fun. Pools, music, slides, golf, b-ball excursions, boats, turtles etc... From about day 4, I had massive anxiety about leaving her. My mom said she cried for mommy a lot. My heart broke. Here is the part that I don't understand. I could not for the life of me picture her face. WHY? What is that all about? I thought about her 24/7 but couldn't picture her face. This can't be normal.

So I couldn't wait to get home and finally see her. I asked my mom to make the 1 hour drive and bring her to me the minute I got home. My baby was SOOOOOO happy to see me. She kept kissing me and wouldn't let me go. I can't stop looking at her. I never want to have that feeling again. She kept saying Bryce happy, mommy happy, mojo happy (our dog). I was and am SO happy to be home with her.


  1. I still have these feelings for every child! Honesty is the way to go. Marriage can be hard work.

  2. I find it particularly hilarious that the terms "hombre" and "mujer" are stuck to those bathroom doors in your top photo. As if somehow CHICKS and DICKS was unclear, and might could cause a bladder-bursting panic attack from some anatomy ignorant vacationer.

    Great blog. Biting honesty. Wow.

  3. MVD How on Earth did you see those microscopic words? LOL
    Stop stalking me!:)
    Maggie May Thanks I agree

  4. You weren't gone April 31st till June? May, maybe? tee, hee... maybe you wished you were on such a long vacation ~

  5. I'm just catching up on your posts and all going on... let me tell you - to get time away from your little one is the BEST parenting thing you can do! You will only be better when you have that time alone.

    Take it from a Divorced and remarried blended family mom of 4 kids.

    You deserve the time away.