Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The lighter side of life

On the lighter side of things, my daughter did something last night that had me rolling. I am not sure I should even post this, but I am hoping it brings a laugh to someone and that you don't think I am some sort of child molester.

I love to do puzzles and color. I bought these little cardboard/wood material flat figures that you can color and place on this stand that hooks on the bottom and helps it stand by its self. The one I picked out is a little girl that reminded me of Toots. I colored her hair blond and the background along with the stand black and had it looking as cute as my daughter is. I put it on her dresser in her room.

So last night I was changing her diaper from a dreadful BLOWOUT and she did not want to lay there. I reached for the colorful figure that I slaved on coloring for an hour and handed it to her in hopes it would occupy her long enough not move and smear the present she had waiting for me in her diaper. She took the black stand right after I wiped her down and placed it on her tiny little two year old crotch. Well the chemicals in the wipe and the paint must have collided and wala, my little baby had a black bush like that of a women in her 50's that has no idea what a landing strip is. She was completely black down there and it wouldn't come off. I know it is wrong, but I laughed so hard. She is just growing up so fast. :)

I am expecting a call from her sitter any minute. LOL

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  1. that is great. i think it's pretty funny too. i accidentally discovered your blog via matt logelin's blog. i also blog, and if you feel like checking me out it is... thisisforyoujasper.blogspot.com.