Monday, May 11, 2009

Lions, tigers and birdies, OH MY

My job is painfully slow right now. I am a project /office manager for a commercial construction company and with the economy the way it is, we are struggling. I have asked to take Fridays off to help with the company finances, but they said we would go week to week instead. We are hoping that we will magically get busy over night. So as you have it, I did get this past Friday off.

My girlfriend that just had a baby 5 weeks ago needed to get out in the sun so we packed the kids up and headed to the Denver Zoo. We had a blast. Toots whom is just starting to talk up a storm and with some recognition too, was so much fun. She would tell every animal Hi and Bye Bye.
Hi ephant
Hi hosie
Hi birdie
Bye bye monkeeee
Bye bye wion
Bye bye zeba
She was so damn cute.
But, out of all of the cool, wild and exotic animals, she loved the geese that roamed free in the grass. The same animal that you can see at any old park any where. She is fearless. She was letting them take food from her hands, chasing their babies around even when they would come at her making all kinds of noises. She would just laugh and try to catch them. Hi birdie/Bye bye birdie.

I love this part of being a mom. I get to watch a little one experience all of her firsts and figure out what a cool and exciting world we live in.
Isn't life grand?


  1. Hey, thank you for stopping by and rawking on my blog. You are now officially cool (like I have a say, right?)

    At least your daughter says hi and bye to daughter says bye to her poopy as she's flushing it.

  2. Enjoy this magical time, it passes all too quickly.