Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working out with a 2 year old

I am just curious if any one has any luck with working out when they have kids and are for the most part single? (Husbands works a lot and doesn't make us a priority very often)

First of all, I always feel guilty taking toots straight from daycare to the gym daycare. I try not to make it a habit, but it seems the only way I can actually get some exercise.

My little one has a very predictable digestive track. EVERY single time I put her in the kid care at the gym, about 15 minutes into my cardio I hear "Danielle to the kid center". Dirty diaper time. It kinda ruins my momentum! Then the guilt sets in when it is almost time for her to go to bed the minute we walk in the door and I hardly got to see her.

So with that said, I would rather do something outside where she can go with me, but that presents a challenge of it's own. You see, my daughter CAN NOT sit still. I put her in the stroller that I bought so that I could run with her on shaky terrain and she won't sit. She has to stand up. She has to walk and play with every dog we pass, every birdie we see and every rock that is not buried in the ground. My girlfriend that I work out with won't go with me if Toots is coming. It takes us 3 hours to do a 20 minute path and our heart rate is working at the rate of a snail. If I try to get her to sit, she throws a tantrum that would blow your ear drums out. She is a screamer.

So any thoughts here?


  1. I don't know what you mean by 'work out???' What is this phrase? :)

    How about a treadmill or a stairmaster or something like that? I know, $$$$$, but it's something you could do after your daughter goes to bed.

  2. If I wait that long, my wine has kicked in and it is couch central! :)