Monday, May 4, 2009

When did this happen?

So all of a sudden my daughters vocabulary has exploded. I was beginning to wonder when this would happen.

Usually she is full of kisses, but yesterday when I would try to kiss her, she would wipe it off and scream YUK YUK!!! Hello, this isn't supposed to happen until she is a teen. Is it?

She is very quick to point out "faaats" IE farts.

She wants everyone to go away so that she can tell them "seeya bye"

My boobs are happily known as "bawls" "Mommy's bawls" IE balls.

She tells everyone "yov ya" IE love ya. Even the creepy/nice neighbor.

"Moosh, moosh" is her not so polite way of telling me to move, as she pushes me out of any place she wants to be instead.

I love that I can now understand most of what she is saying, but I guess that means watching what I say and do more. Oh help me!!!!!

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  1. my little guy's vocabulary is suddenly huge, too! it's such a fun time to be around them. he practically told me a paragraph yesterday about a big loud truck that went by and he had to cover his ears. imagine.

    thanks for the comment at my place.