Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend at a glance

I took the day off of work on Friday. It always makes me happy to spend a day with my daughter during the week. We went to lunch in Downtown Denver with a friend of mine. Toots and I walk into the place, her acting like she owns it and a couple with a 10 month old start commenting that she (toots) is the cutest little girl they have ever seen. I laugh and tell them to tell me how cute they think she is in about 10 minutes. Sure as shit, 10 minutes in, when she is feeling really comfortable and uhmm bored, she starts screaming. I get up to take her for a walk and the guy starts laughing at me. He says, I just asked my wife if she thinks that screaming kid is the cute little girl that the mom warned us about and low and behold, here you are. We all got a kick out of that one. I truly LOVE seeing parents in public that can help you laugh at the craziness of kids behavior. I always wonder that if pre-toots, I was one of those assholes that wanted people to "control" their kids in public. It doesn't work that way and NOW I get it. Again, I LOVE all the people out their that "get it" too and I am truly sorry for any behavior I may have had before my awakening!

We then went to the park for a couple of hours so that toots could show me her lack of fear. Notice how I said HER LACK OF FEAR.

Saturday we picked up my step sister (age 16) and headed to a water park. Within the first 5 minutes of being in the water, step sister decides that toots should go down the slide and almost drowns my kid. When she came up for air, she was pissed. Step sister was no longer allowed to touch her and I wasn't allowed to put her down. So we left and I am a little worried that she may be ruined for life when it comes to pools. Thanks Lala!

I then decided that I needed a new couch. My husband wasn't thrilled, but when we actually got it home, I think he changed his mind. It is manly shades of brown and he was half way impressed with my choice. While picking it out, step sister got back into good graces with toots. By the end of the day my sweet child was being bribed with candy to say " Lala is my favit aunnn" Her very first full sentence. I am so proud.

Sunday, we had a couple that we hang out with come over for Fathers day. We BBQ'd and proceeded to drink way too much. It was a perfectly happy weekend!


  1. Very cool! Yep, I was once one of those people scowling at who I called "california parents" who just couldn't control their kids.... NOW I know too!

    Yah, Owen's never been a big fan of water at all, and he's gone under a few times and came up sputtering and choking and nearly puking - and I thought he'd be ruined by it too, but its amazing how motivating OTHER KIDS can be! When he sees other little kids going in the pool, he wants to join in. Toots will be the same - it just takes time. Those first couple near-drowning experiences scare the crap outta them!

  2. Alicia- I wish you and Owen lived closer. He and Bryce could be pool partners.