Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Questioning the man's thinking process.

When text messaging became part of my life, I grasped the concept with shaky hands. I just recently learned with great frustration how to use the typen text and not the hen pecking that I preferred to use, and that only came about by mistake. I must have pushed the wrong button and walla, I am stuck learning the other type of typing.

I used to judge men and whether I would date them or not by if they would text or call. I found that men that would text me mostly had trouble communicating in person. (Generalizing and stereotyping here of course)but that is what I found to be the case for the most part.

I personally love the concept when it comes to finding something out that is quick and general. It is a great way to get to the point and avoid real and lengthy conversation. It is also a good way to ignore someone without being too rude. Oh, I never got that text or I must have missed that one. ;)

But here is my question and I am kind of directing this to the guys out there. Now, I am not bitching, it is just something that I don't , nor do my friends do.

Do you randomly text your friends with one to two words back and forth for hours?


Husband: Fag lick

Husbands Friend: Ball sucker

Husband: Butt Pirate

Husbands Friend: Nut Sack

This can literally go on for hours at a time and I don't get it. My husband and his friends are all in their mid to late 40's. Is this a guy thing and because I am a woman I just don't get it?

Here is another question that I am just going to throw out there.

Is there an age or a situation, such as marriage, when a guy stops getting called a pussy for not hanging out and getting drunk with his boys every night? Being a girl, I know that when my girlfriends either have babies or get married, they get taken off of the random, shit giving comments when they say no to a night out. I know that guys are different and are chastised for being with a chick too much, but I thought this was more in their teens, twenties and maybe thirties if not married.
Now, just to specify, I love to give my friends random shit here and there, and I truly believe that no matter if you are married and have 100 kids, that you still need space and friends and a few beers with peers often. But I don't remember my dad or any other older men figures in my life when I was growing up being called a pussy for not drinking every night with the boys.


  1. We must be married to a different species of man.

    If Brent were to get random texts from his friends saying things like "ball licker" or "butt pirate" I would definitely have my concerns raised a bit.

    That being said, I can totally see your average male having convo's like that with his buds. I kind of thought it would have ended roughly around middle school though. ;)

  2. Yup, my guy and his friends -- and his brother, go on like that constantly.
    But they're in their late twenties so I think it's mostly the immaturity of the age.

    Personally, I don't see it ending anytime soon. His dad has hung out with them enough that he's started doing it and his in his mid fifties!

  3. Candice- You mean the spiecies of man that grows up? Where can I find one of those?

    Nicole- I could maybe understand it if he was in his 20's, but this almost feels like they have a crush on eachother and are flirting. I am just saying.

  4. It all depends on the guy. If they're still playing video games in the 40's then yes college humor still rules them and that's still there maturity level. If they've grown up no that stuff doesn't happen anymore.

  5. Mike- That is kinda what I thought. It's just so wierd to me.

  6. lmao. That isn't too uunual - but funny as hell.

  7. I'd have to agree about the texting thing. My last bf was the one who got me texting and he was SO much better at that kind of communicating than face-to-face. Some men I've dated who were great communicators don't text - but of course there is always the exception; my best guy friend does both.

    And as for a guy being called a pussy for not drinking w/his friends? Yeah, it happens a lot especially when he has a lot of single friends with no gfriends either. I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with my most recent break up.

  8. I'm a guy, and I've never done that, or heard of that. Sounds weird to me!

    My daughter won't answer her cell phone when I call her, but she will promptly respond to any text by me or anyone else. It's just a different way to communicate that I have learned to accept.

  9. I think when a man's friends get married or have babies the shit talking ends. If just one buddy is a father I think it continues well beyond the age when it shouldn't.

    I'm still way behind the times when it comes to texting. I still just usually call.

  10. Mindymom- The sad thing is I even think the married guys call eachother names. I guess we women just grow up a little faster. Or at least in this situation.

    Dadshouse-I understand that in teenagers, that is the era they are growing up in, but 46 year old men. Just baffeling to me.

    K-I guess it all depends on the guy. I just found one that is a big idiot, I mean kid. :)

  11. Stop saying "walla" or "wala" when you mean "voila". Ignorance is not appealing.