Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I can do this.

OK, now to offset my list of fears.  It amazes me that it took me all of about 20 minutes to compose that list and about 3 months to compose this one.  I literally started this months ago when I was seeing a therapist.   I did notice that this is a longer list than my fear list though.  Me thinks that is a very good sign. 

I have to start this process somewhere. The talking myself into it if you will.

1) I am independent and can survive alone.

2) I am street smart.

3) I am very loving when I want to be. My daughter sees it everyday.

4) I am a good friend to those close to me. I will always be there for you.

5) I am very respectful of people. I always say please, thank you, excuse me, etc…

6) I am polite. I would give up my seat in a heart beat. I hold doors and allow others to go first, etc…

7) I am giving. I would give someone that I care about my last dollar.

8) I am responsible. I do what I say when I say I will do it.

9) I have very good work ethic.

10) I am strong. Physically and mentally. It takes a lot to break me.

11) I am athletic. The people that have seen me play soccer may disagree. Lol

12) I am a cute girl and I present myself as classy as I can.

13) I try very hard to be a good mom. She always knows that I am here for her and that I will unconditionally love her.

14) No matter how down I am, I always know that there is a brighter day just around the corner.

15) I can fit in with almost any crowd and with all kinds of people.

16) I am able to see my own faults. I may not be able to control them yet, but I do know that they are there and it does not bother me when someone calls me out on them.

17) I am honest. Brutally

18) I have very thick skin.

19) I can be a fun person.

20) I am resourceful.

21) I always get through it. No matter what it is?

22) I can stand up for myself.

23) I have a lot of long term friends.

24) People remember me.  This one surprises me but people remember me for some reason.

25) I can get past things and move on.  I don't hold a grudge.

26) I am not a victim.

27) I am humble.

I plan on adding much much more as I grow.  I am going to love myself if it kills me!


  1. Positive self talk! That's the ticket.

  2. Love the list! I will vouch for #4 any day of the week!

  3. Those are 27 of the most wonderful qualities a person can have. After reading your fears and now reading this, I love you!

    You have to know, even if it's just a tiny glow right now, how incredible you are.

  4. Great list. Is it confidence in yourself that you find missing?

  5. Very nice. This list is a lot better than the other one.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    This beats the shiznit out of that "other list"...

    I'm SO proud of YOU!!!


  7. The things you like about yourself are AWESOME qualities to have! NOT to mention they are a good example for your daughter to learn from!! GOOD FOR YOU!! Carry that list everywhere and keep adding to it!!



  8. Can I also add how wise you are? You inspire me with your comments on my blog. You are truly teaching all the time!

  9. Love this. My therapist asked me to name off a few positive things about myself at this past session and I giggled and avoided and just couldn't come up with a thing. So she has instructed me to make a list and keep it on my iphone so I can look at it when I have a relationship freakout :)

  10. Nice!

    #12) Absolutely! (Assuming your profile is a picture of you. :)

    #23) I hope you appreciate how important this is. Really. No, I mean really. If I were looking for someone to have a long-term relationship with, that would be very very high on the list. It means a lot to know someone can be patient, forgiving, and selfless enough to maintain good long friendships. Anyone can say they are that, but the proof is in the pudding.

  11. I must disagree with #12. You are better than just "cute". You're absolutely beautiful. Don't let your humbleness (#27) not let you see that. :o)

  12. And this list is part of the reason you are wonderful....

  13. Great qualities. More people should possess these.

  14. Good for you hon! I was nodding my head at all those things.


  15. That's a good list. A great start. You are amazing. Never forget that.

  16. "Loving when I want to be" ????
    I'm not really sure what that says---maybe you should look at that one.

    Hey, a great positive list but I have to disagree with two of them---
    You dont hold a grudge yet you have this grudge against yourself---maybe it's time to let yourself off the hook.
    And cute---no lady, you are not cute---very attactive is closer to the truth.
    Maybe its about time you started loving you---I'm sure its not too hard

  17. I knew all of this, even if I have not had the pleasure myself...

  18. brilliant! well done!
    "I am a cute girl and I present myself..."

    You are drop dead gorgeous! not just cute

  19. I was just thinking about trying this very same thing. Good for you.

  20. That is one great list. You go girl!

  21. dang that sounds like a good plan to write down and think about the GOOD things! Hmmm good plan indeed.

    Good for you.

  22. This is a fantastic start!

    You are compassionate - was that on there? and empathetic.

    And you are very generous! This is a great list and its phenomenal that not only is it longer than your fears list but you have plans to continue to add to it!