Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keeping Busy to Avoid Life

Thank God for busy weeks that keep your mind off of things.

My girlfriend has a 19 year old daughter that has been dating the same guy for 2 years now and he dumped her this past weekend. There is nothing more sad then teenage heartbreak. You know that she is going to go through it a dozen time in the next ten years, that the guy is so immature compared to her, that she will be better with-out the drama of a 20 year old boy trying to do manly things, that she can grow from this etc... but then you think back and remember what it felt like. That first love, intimacy, relationship heart break. So I took her to dinner on Tuesday to talk. She cried a lot and I wished that I could show her the future and how someday she is going to be remembering this while she is consoling my daughter after her first heart break and wishing the same thing I am. Oh to be young again.

Wednesday night I had my 2nd therapy apt. All I can say is at $120.00 a week, this women is going to be VERY rich by the time I am done. (IF)
I have been a list making, self help reading, note taking, couch laying, tissue using fool lately. I am very amazed at the realities of my life that I have been ignoring for some time now. When you list the top 5 people that you love (and I mean die for love) and you can only come up with 2 living people and then you realize that you didn't put yourself on the list or your husband, um things are a little amiss in your life.

Thursday (tonight) I am supposed to have dinner with my husband to talk, but after a 3 second phone conversation I decided it would be best to cancel. I am too angry and I really need to focus on me getting better, not on how deep a butter knife will go into someones neck without anyone noticing. Angry much???

Friday, planning another GNO with blogging mommy/girls/friends. Watch out YouTube, I am taking my camera this time. Sorry Dadshouse, the other pics were not really us!! ;)

Saturday I am going out with my girls. We have had to plan a night out a month in advance between all of our schedules. Nights out with us are usually a battle of whom can dress with the most cleavage. We start at the RIO with those nasty little tokillya drinks called Margaritas until we can barley stand and then proceed to a dance bar. We usually do something crazy that draws attention to ourselves, like tell men we are a professional soccer team on tour. We kind of are. 35+er on a D rec team counts me think.

Sunday I will be recovering and praying that my daughter sleeps in until noon!

Hows that for ignoring, I mean working on my problems.


  1. Oh yeah the you should be on the list too. lol.

  2. whoa. That's a lot. 1st, I've been meaning to ask you: what did you used to compete in? Soccer? Body Building? I bet you rocked those competitions.

    You are such an amazing friend to your girlfriend's daughter! Yah, 20 is SUCH an impossible age for guys - they are physically unable to mature until at least 42, I'd say. I'm sure you were such a huge support to her at dinner.

    Hmmm - what kind of therapy? Sorry I'm so nosy. Are we talking marriage counseling? Is your husband clueless as all this stuff you're going through - or is going to counseling to???

    wow - another blogger date? HS! I can't wait for those pics!!!!

  3. Mike- Yeah, my therapist said that until I can pu me as number 1, I have A LOT of work to do. :)
    CMC-I competed in figure shows, which is bodybuilding, but not so big and for women.
    I am seeing a therapist for me. My husband is perfect you see and has no need for help. :)
    I am still calling BS to the 30lbs. You look great in the shower pic.

  4. Hey girl...

    Therapy is a good thing. It sounds like you're at least starting with some healthy revelations.

    Good for you for enjoying yourself in the meanwhile.

    You have taken a step to help yourself. It can only get better from here.


  5. Hi Danielle,

    Hey, at least you are acknowleging your problems and seeking help. Many people don't even do that. I think you're doing great. You're hurting now, but you will feel a lot better down the road.

    I hope I didn't offend you about the Spongebob comment on my blog......

  6. T-Hugs back at ya sister. Thanks

    Senorita- You had me rolling with the Sponge Bob comment. Thanks for the sweet words here. It helps.

  7. GNO therapy on Friday! Whoo-hoo - and so much cheaper...and more fun too.

    You are doing all the right things, I think you know that. That's progress, baby. One step at a time.

  8. Why do I suddenly feel like getting a bunch of the guys together for a night out on the town Saturday at somewhere like, hmm, the rio?

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  10. Mindy-GNO is way better therapy and sometimes cheaper. Depends on how many Redbull Vodkas I consume this time. Very excited.

    Awkward- How many guys? Do they all have big feet? Come join us Fri and Sat!!!

  11. Did you say ... vodka? Try the Red Bull and Raspberry Vodka. YUM-MAY.

    Therapy, my friend, is a good thing. I've found it to be always very self-enlightening. I hope you do too.

  12. Ah, I remember my first love, heart break, thinking I couldn't live or breathe without him, etc.

    What the fuck was I thinking?

    It may take her a while, but she will get through it. I think it's great that you are there for her.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. girl i'm with ya on the counseling. tried it once, but after 5 more years of drama... i think i need to go back!

  14. qt-I tried the pear vodka and red bull. It was a little too sweet, so I proceded to drink about 20 regular vodka red bull. Ouch!
    Candice- I feel the same about my current marriage! :)
    Blunt- Maybe we could go together for support. ;)

  15. That's okay if the hottie drunk pics weren't really you. The money I sent for pay-per-view wasn't really real! Haha

    Therapy is a wonderful thing. I did my stint.

  16. I'm glad you canceled that dinner - think how much worse you could've felt after that!
    Therapy was a huge help for me. If nothing else, taking that one hour of me-time is huge progress.