Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too much fun and not enough responsibility

Wow, I don't remember the last time I felt this kind of knock down, drag you out kind of tired. My busy schedule and numerous Vodka Red bulls have caught up to me BIG time. I am trying to keep my very puffy, bloodshot eyes open long enough to write this.
Here is my weekend recap-

Friday GNO (that always makes me think of a female doctors apt) was a lot of fun. I finally got to meet the amazing Li'l CindiLu and catch up with Mindy and Amira. We hit a few local hot spots, talked a lot about our lives and our new "IDEA" , pissed a few uptight people off with our sex talk, drank a little too much again (me any ways), took a few, ahemmm pictures and in general just had a really nice time. I strolled in around 2am and then woke up to my two year old pulling my hair and poking me in the face around 7:30am.
Saturday night with my girls was, well can I just say "OUT OF FREAKING CONTROL". We go out so rarely, that I think we pretend like we are damn rock stars on tour or something. But, what happens on our nights out stays confidential, so nuff said bout that. I will say that I had enough Vodka Red Bull to keep me awake until today, so I stayed a my girlfriends house until around 6 am when I got sick of staring at her daughters walls and headed home to find my daughter in a not so good mood.

My daughter, whom I have neglected all weekend was definitely missing me and would not let me out of her site all day long. I just wanted to lay in bed with her all day and nap. She, however, did not think that was such a good idea. So we played. It was a rough day since I haven't been that sick in a long, long time.

Somehow I got roped into buying Def Leppard, Poison, Cheap Trick concert tickets about 2 months ago and damn if it wasn't on Monday night. I am wayyyy too old to rally a 3rd time in 1 weekend for this event, but somehow I managed to man up and go. It was at Fiddlers Green and we had grass seats. They sucked since I am 5'2' on a good day and could see NOTHING. Finally we ran into a friend that had seats in a much better spot and we watched Def Leppard there. They sounded great and I ended up having fun. I had 1 beer which I threw away after about 2 hours of nursing it. Got home around 11:00 and had to get up at 4:30 for work.
I am exhausted and I have been a non-existent mother all weekend. I feel horrible and I can tell that my baby needs me to be around. She is very clingy when I see her and it is time for me to knock off the partying and show my littleone some attention. I admit that as much fun as I had, I am way too old for that kind of fun and I too miss my baby girl way more than I ever thought I could miss someone. She keeps me grounded and makes me happy. First thing in life that I AM is a MOM.


  1. Wowza - lots of fun! I'm digging all these pics of your GNO (not to be confused with GYNO!). Oh, I can imagine Toots is never gonna let you go now! As much as she missed ya, I'm sure was being well-cared for and loved. Keep on rockin', momma! I'm rooting for ya! *HUGS*

  2. Dang girl, I would be WIPED OUT!

    Still it does sound like fun... perhaps if each was a week apart!

    Its ok that she missed you. We all need a break now and again, don't we?

  3. I keep reading GNO as GYNO and have to remind myself that you girls make wouldn't make such an appointment later at night with alcohol involved.

    It really does catch up with you, I hope you get some sleep soon. Although I couldn't keep up with you. You have some party stamina in you, and can party like a rock star.

    Did you get to see Brett Michaels in Poison ? I like him, even though he is a dirty man tool.

    With all that is going on, I say that you deserve a little break, especially since this is a once in a while occurance. I don't think you should feel bad about "abandoning" your daughter. She was looked after and sometimes a break from the kids is needed to make the time together sweeter.

  4. So you blew off a little steam! Like the others said, it's not like it's a regular thing - it just happened to be all in one weekend. And thats when you realize you can't party like you're 20-something anymore. Ha!

    But I'll never give up GNO's!

  5. I think it's good to have a nice party weekend like that every now and then. Well, minus the hangover and clingy kid of course. :)

    Pour some sugar on me baby!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! And no wonder you're exhausted. Gotta do it once in a while.


  7. Sounds like fun times. When do we get to hear about this "idea"? Intrigued!

  8. CMC- The GNO pics are just the begining. Got more in store.

    T- Yes, I could handle all of that if it were spread out a little. Oh, and maybe a little less VODKA. I still feel like shit.

    Senorita- I love me some Bret Michaels, but I could barley see the big screens.

    Mindy- Yeah, I am not giving those up either. I just have to plan a little better.

    Candice- It was too late for love. Just foolin!

    RE- Tru dat.

    dads- Patients young single one. It is cuming soon!

  9. Hey, girly. Yeah, you really went all weekend! I hear ya on the exhaustion level increasing in step with our *ahem* age.

    Still, you're taking care of yourself, in a way...getting out, having fun, and you need that. You don't do it all the time, and your Toots will miss you. But you gotta have those times to balance out the hard ones. It's something I can truly identify with. Or, as my therapist said, "Amira, embrace frivolity. YOU need to do that." And I say, hells to the yeah! :D

    And, oh, Def Leppard...senior year in high school I listened to them ALL THE TIME. LOL. Ah, memories.

  10. Yes, ALL WEEKEND. I may not get to 40 at this rate. Your therapist has the right idea.

  11. Dayum. I shoulda found a way to crash your party! So what did you do last night? Pub crawl? What about tonight? Kegger? Booze Cruise on the bikes?

  12. Awkward- Do you have the website that I can sign up for those excursions?
    So I have just 1 word for you. "CHICKEN"

  13. Wow. I would never have made it. NEVER. You are like superwoman!!

  14. Dude. I'm not the wussy complaining about having too much fun. Bring it!

  15. See, I think this is what we need sometimes, as moms, to make us remember that we are in fact, young. :)

  16. Damn!!! You are an impressive party girl!!

  17. I hope you mean what you say: that you are realizing the importance of being a Mom over being a Party Girl. "Mid-Life Mom"? It's way time to grow up. Children do change our lives forever. The responsibility is overwhelming sometimes. Still, there can be no greater reward than investing in our daughters. Give yours the best you have to offer.

  18. Ann- I guess that you haven't read any of my other posts and are judging me by this one alone as to what kind of mother I am. I am a very good mother and my daughter is loved more than life it self. Being irresponsible 1-2 weekends out of a 2 year period should not be something to condem me for. She was with her grandparents that beg me to let her stay over there and was well taken care of. But thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Have a good day.