Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take it at Facebook value

I LOVE Facebook.

When my High School friends talked me into signing up, I was hesitant. I hate that kind of shit and there are way too many people out there that I don't want to know what I am doing. Ummm you know, that bad past thing. But, I I folded when they were talking about all of the people they have connected with, and I have to say that I am really glad that I did. I can still keep the people that I don't want to see my stuff out. There is nothing better than ignoring a "friend " request from someone that I don't like. Heee Heee. It's is kinda like the feeling you get when you DELETE someones email, text or phone number. I know, I am evil.

Anywho, here is what I find amazing about it:

2 people from my past contacted me today that I would never have been able to nor thought to find other wise. I get to peek/stalk at exes/acquaintances lives without having to ask what's going on. I get to see a ton of my friends really cute kid pictures and risque adult pictures that people think they look good in. I have found a few people that I was looking for through other avenues and had no luck with. I get to communicate with my out of town family more. I don't have to call certain people at all anymore now that we communicate through Facebook, which is a huge plus. I can brag about my kid to EVERYONE! I can get off line and not be bugged at anytime. At a quick glance, you can see what people are doing without long explanations.

Do I need to say any more. It is GREAT.


  1. See, I signed up but I haven't really seen the major appeal yet. Partly for the reasons you mentioned; if I had wanted to be friends with anyone from high school, I would be, I would imagine. People keep telling me to stick it out, but I don't know, too many horror stories.

    Though I hadn't thought about stalking the ex.....

  2. That's how Rascal found me.

    Nuff said. :)

  3. I'm a huge facebook fan for all the reasons you mentioned. For me, it is WAY easier to keep in touch with people. I don't really like talking on the phone that much anymore now that I have fb, texting and email - and the kids can't interrupt - at least not obviously.

  4. Yeah, you know? I keep toying with joining. The main reason--or perhaps only one--that I haven't joined is because I don't want D. finding yet ANOTHER source on me and my friends, and then stalking them. If I can feel confident in those things, then I would LOVE to join. I, too, have people that I want to connect with and that seems to be the only way.

    Hey! And when did YOU get the "Hot Mama" award?! Nice! Congrats!

    You look beautiful each time I see you as well, Danielle. ;) I'm enjoying our "posse" as Mindy called it.

  5. AH, Facebook...my creeping skills have increased by tenfold since I joined. Unfortunately, so have my Mother's. Enjoy!

  6. Kori-I still have a lot of friends from HS so that is why I wanted to connect, but I get you point on that part. People have to ask permission for them to see your stuff, so that helps keep some out.

    T-See, It is great. If you get married *hint*
    we can have a virtual Facebook bacheloret party!

    Mindy- I hate talking on the phone too. Typing is much easier.

    Amira- I totaly get why you are not on there. The less ways for D to find you the better.
    And YES, I am officially a HOT MAMA! Thanks!

    angryredhead-Mine too! Thank God my mom is computer illiterate!

  7. You know, I did have a facebook account but I found it totally sucked me in and I lost so much time......I needed to tear away....I still have it open, but protected because a handful of friends still use it, but I only go on when I'm told there are new pics, etc.

  8. I love FaceBook too. It's been fun catching up with old friends. :)

  9. See, I have the opposite reaction - when some friends from the way back past contact me, I think "WTF?" Our lives are so different now. I can't imagine we'd reconnect. We simply leer at each other's profiles, then move on.

    Glad it's working for you! Seems to be working for a lot of folks, judging by how many use it.

  10. littlemansmom-It can be addicting for sure. I usually only look at it in the am and then don't allow my self anymore unless I am bored or expecting a response.

    Candice- Shit, do I have to. :)


    dad-That is the great thing, The can see how great you turned out and you can see how fat they got or how ugly their kids are and then be done with them. :)

  11. I love it, too but it is an addiction!!

    Between the blog and FB and twitter... I'm going to have to start setting a timer!

  12. i 100% agree! i was way hesitant at first too, but i'm so glad i have it. there's no way i'd of ever found these people again if not for it. and i like that you have full control over what people can see and who can see it.

    amen, amen.

  13. Hi, saw your blog from dadshouse blog. I am also a single mom, from the Philippines.

    Same here I love Facebook too! I agree with knowing how your friends are, without the lengthy talk. Plus the fact, it makes staying home entertaining and connects you to the outside world...while you're in your own little world doing your great single mommy living!

    I have yet to explore how you became a single mom through your blog.

    please feel free to pass by my blog anytime! nice day!