Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gimme Smore 4 day weekends please

My daughter and I drove to the mountains on Friday to meet up with my husband and another couple to do a little camping. By the time we arrived, the guys were well on their way to being drunk so my friend, toots and I hung out at the camp site getting things ready for the night. We ended up doing a little night fishing and roasting marshmallows which toots LOVED. I even let her reel a few of the fish in and touch them. She was in awe. It was so much fun to see her playing in the dirt and just being a kid. Toots and I packed up the car early on Sunday morning and headed back to town so that we could go to Mindymoms BBQ.

We got to Mindy's house and were greeted by the all of the Colo. gals, their kiddos and a few of Mindy's friends. Her house is really very beautiful and put together. Just as I would have expected from someone that is also very put together. She made wonderful food and had a lot of great drinks for us. The kids had lots to play with and they all had a blast. It really has been a blast getting to know these women. We are all so different in many ways, yet we have a sort of bond/connection there. I am pretty sure that we are all going to be friends for a long time to come.

Sunday, we played and did chores around the house. It was nice to not have anything planned and to be able to catch up on some things.

Soccer starts next weekend and I need to get my ass in shape. I think I waited too long and drank too much in between seasons this time though. I can't wait to see my girls and and get some exercise.


  1. Sunday was fun! So glad you and B joined us; she is such a cutie.

    I agree our little posse is somewhat diverse but yet there is SO much common ground. We do have a blast and will for many years to come, I'm sure. ;)

  2. Again, I'm jealous!

    I'm happy you gals have each other. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend ! I am trying to get my ass into shape as well.

  4. Awwww. *Sniff* Yeah. I like you ladies. I think I'll keep ya around. ;)

    I imagine how much fun it was to watch Toots have her first camping experience. I look forward to that with my kids (and when I have another adult so that I'm not outnumbered).

    Maybe the Denver Posse should have a camping trip with our kids next summer??

    And I still want to do soccer some time. It's just going to take a little while to fit into my schedule.

  5. Sounds like alot of fun.

    Hey my brother lives in Denver, and I'm going to be visiting him soon. We need to get together for a drink to two when I go.

    I'm not a serial killer. At least not currently. ;)

  6. Oh I'm so envious you guys all live in the same general area! That's so special!

    I hate camping. It's gross, but man, kids LOVE it. :) I will be depriving my daughter of this bug ridden, tent sleeping experience.



  7. I love those days around the house when there is nothing planned!

    Good luck prepping for soccer. I think I'm too far gone...

  8. i bow to anyone who actually plays soccer for FUN - i would die of a massive coronary after 12 seconds

  9. Oh they are cute and adorable............


  10. I love camping!!Um and HELLOOOOO I play sccer too!

  11. That's so awesome you Colo women are friends like that. But, no hot drunk passed out pics for me today? What's with that? :-P