Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ca Ching!

One half of the couple that went to Reno last week end, put $20 in the slots and won $10.4 million works with my mom. I think that just made the odds of me ever winning the lotto about an ice cubes chance in hell. I don’t think that stuff ever happens twice within the same people pool. Darn it!

My mom said that it was like a morgue around the office the day they found out. What is it that makes some people actually hate it when someone else has extreme good fortune? Some of the people at her work were actually mad that she was going to continue to work there. They feel like she should give up her job to make room for a needier person. To that I say who are you to tell her what to do? If she feels like working and still does a good job, back off! We don’t know what her personal situation is or how many people she feels obligated to “give” to.

I have to admit that I felt a HUGE pang of jealousy when I heard though. She is a really nice person and I actually work with her often since she is one of my company’s suppliers. I am very happy for her and her family. Ouch, there is that damn pang again. Lol

So I have pretty much been thinking about what I would do with that kind of money. How would I let my life be changed?

I would make sure my mom and dad were both financially set.

I would make sure money for Toot’s education was put aside.

I would buy a modest townhome right here in Colorado.

I would make sure my retirement was taken care of.

I would allow myself a yearly annuity for bills, charity, fun and every day life. I am a pretty giving person by nature, so I am sure I would be finagled into forking out to others here and there.

Oh yeah, a few wrinkles might mysteriously disappear and my wardrobe would expand a little.

Amazingly enough though I don’t think that much more would change for me.

But, I might change my tune if the dream ever had an ice cubes chance in hell of becoming reality!

What would the first thing that you all would do with that kind of money.


  1. That kinda cash? First thing is pay off my bills....

  2. Since I cannot imagine being a full-time stay at home mom, I would totally HAVE to work-but I would only work part time. I know what you mean about people being mad about other people's good fortune; of course it is normal and natural for you to feel that little pang of jealousy (hell, I would, too), but to actually think she should give up a job that she (presumably) likes and is good at simply because she is now "rich?" What a bunch of losers. I know that I could do a lot in terms of my future with that kind of money, and I wouldn't say no if it were given to me, but: there are considerable taxes to pay, so she only going to get maybe a little over half of it, to start. Then, when you look at how many years left before retirement age, plus if she has family to take care of, well, it isn't like she can change her lifestyle THAT drastically!

  3. I would pay off my bills, parents bills and then build a new home for my large cramped family. Other than that, not much would change for me either.

  4. First of all - I live 2 1/2 hrs away from Reno! Darn it, that could have been me! Should have been me. She has MY money, darn it all to hell.

    Ok - Jealousy is done now. Maybe.

    I would buy a new house for sure. This one is too ugly and too small. Pay off our bills, travel.. I have it all spent already believe me!

  5. I am going to Las Vegas this weekend and will play a slot for you! For real! -Pip

  6. I think my use for the money would pretty much parallel yours. I think I would add traveling in there. I would certainly work part time as I have to have health insurance and even though I could afford a private policy no one would insure me because of my preexiting conditions.

    Wow...I too had a pang of jealousy.... I would also help out my sisters. Both their families are really struggling in this economy...

  7. First thing? Pay off my bills, quickly followed by giving a bunch to my folks (they've done so much for me over the years), set up savings accounts for my two kids, and then take everybody I love on a trip to Florida.

    But yeah...10.4 million...that's incredible.

  8. I wouldn't tell anyone if I won the lotto until I got my check in the mail. I wouldn't even quit my job for a while.

    After a little while I would tell my dad, and swear him to secrecy. The rest of the world can kiss my ass. People are jealous and lawsuits would magically appear and want a chunk of the winnings, or tell me how I should or shouldn't spend my winnings.

    I would take care of my family, donate to charity and travel the world.

  9. I would pay off bills, take care of my Dad and my in laws, build a nice house. Maybe buy myself some new boobs (or not!) and I'd start some kind of organization to help unwed mothers with college, in my Mom's name!

  10. wow. I can see why you feel what you do..but think its sad that those that know her at work would judge her decisions. ...
    what would I do?
    pay my a house..and take care of my parents!

  11. My post I just put up is about this EXACT SAME THING. Weird no?

  12. Of course I would pay off debt, keep my house and then GO TO VEGAS for my 40th!!!

  13. I would buy a house for myself and Mia. Then I would put money aside for her future. Give money to family and friends. Then I would get those wrinkles seen to! x

  14. Talk about some Debbie Downers huh? Damn.

    That's a good reason to keep that kind of good fortune totally to myself. Seriously, there isn't a show on the curse of Lotto winners on E for nuthin!

  15. Well it would be awesome for about 10 seconds my heart would race and my head would be full of dreams . Then I'd die from a heart attack and the state would get it all !

  16. I like the list that you have. I saw a similar "what would you do if...?" post on another site, and feel like doing the same. It's fun to contemplate.

    But I once had a t-shirt that poked fun at the whole lottery thing. It was a parody of the NY State Lottery ("All you need is a dollar and a dream!") and it said:

    "I'd buy me a mountain of cocaine and live in a whorehouse!"

    All you need is a buck and a ton of luck.


  17. It's natural to feel a little jealous of a windfall. I'm practical and boring so I would pay off my debts (including the mortgage), buy my parents a house, sock away enough for the kids' college, and invest the rest (conservatively). I might quit my job as I only work part time anyway.

  18. WAAAAHHH!!! I tried. I played those slots and blackjack. I started winning and then lost it all. :( Thanks so much for the nice compliment too!

  19. I love your sentiment of how you'd change if you got life-changing wealth. Very grounded!

    Now then, I'm in a different people pool. Time to play.

  20. Go off my diet for a while, WAY OFF!

    Then just play at staying in shape for the rest of my life. Of course I would help my famoly and my old friends too.

    Nice blog you have here, I'm following you.


  21. Well, after paying the taxes on that $10.4 million...

    ...that'll leave her with just $17,325.87!

    Eeeek!!! I wouldn't quit my day job either!

  22. I don't know these people, but I'm extremely jealous anyway! ;)

    My name is also Danielle and I have no plans to ever have a baby, at the very least not any time soon, so your blog has sucked me right in!