Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rant, Rave and Thank my Lucky Stars

My daughter has had a medical issue that has required a few trips to the pediatric office over the last 2 weeks. When I called the office to schedule the first appointment, I was informed that they didn't open the schedule for appointments after 4pm unless my child was a student.
Excuse me? I don't understand.
Well Danielle, we save those appointments for kids that go to school and can't make it here during the day. If we didn't do that, we would be here until midnight.

How about for us single parents that have jobs and don't get paid for the hours we are not at work????? So, because my daughter is only 2 and goes to daycare, I have to take 3 hours off of my already low paying job to take her to the doctors office. 3 times now!
Then, my co-pay is $45 per 15 minute visit. Not to mention the prescriptions.
Can you say bend over single mom and take this????

My biggest pet peeve in the world is MOUTH Noises. All of them. If I can hear any noise coming from your mouth that isn't a word, laugh or song, I want to claw your eyes out. The biggest one is cracking your gum. EEEEKKKK!

My parenting style is to be the huggie, kissie, wrestle and play kind of mommy. My daughter and I are constantly rough housing, bantering or cuddling. I LOVE it and she does too, BUT someone has to be a teacher and provide her with more than a few random cuss words and a bear hug.

This why I have these people.

Grandma- My mom. She is the most "Martha Stewarty" person I know. She spends hours knitting, making candles, coloring, painting and much more artsy stuff that I have NO interest in. She and Toots can sit at the kitchen counter and entertain themselves for hours.

Papa-My moms husband. Toots can't have anything without telling him what color, how many, what it does, what letter it starts with, etc... It is fun to watch. She is at the age where this is cool. He is also the hardest working (physically) person I know. He has taught her the difference in screwdrivers, nails, boards, etc... She loves to help papa build things.

Papa- My dad. He just lets her do what ever she wants cause, "that's what grand parents" do.

Steph-Daycare/Friend. She is all of the above. She is a teacher, a loving hug when needed, an art teacher, gymnastics's coach, disciplinarian, and best of all a GREAT friend.

And... I am not sure which one of us taught my daughter to say "I gonna kick your asssss! :)


  1. I just read your "ABOUT ME" part & thought to write something. I know it't not relevant to write over here on comment section but i couldn't resist myself...anyway..I really happy to see someone who is HAPPY with her family.. May God bless you all.

  2. I can relate ! I hate mouth noises, especially when someone next to me breathes too loud, lol. Of course I don't ever do anything about it. You can't ask someone to stop breathing or to breathe less.

  3. I just clenched my fist in solidarity re: the doctor visit/single working mom thing; that has ALWAYS driven me insane. Also, just wait-parent teacher conferences? Mid-day, and if you can't make it you are a crappy parent. School registration? Mid-Day. Etc...I hope Toots is feeling okay now?

    And yes, it is lovely to know what your strengths/weaknesses are as a parent, so you can develop a support network for your kid to make up for the other things.

  4. Oh my god heavy breathers send me over the edge. Dammit can you not just stop breathing for the love of god.

    It's wonderful that you have such great influences around your little girl. With you teaching her about kicking peoples asses...she's gonna need it. :0)

    PS. My 4 year old once asked me if the guy driving ahead of us doing 40 in a 70 zone was a jackass..."Mamma he a jackass?"

  5. LMAO. You and CoCo would really get along well. She is practically OCD about mouth noises. And God forbid you EAT something next to her. You'll get a compplex. She has always been this way an it's so anoying!

    Hope Toots is better now. I miss seeing my *other* little girl!

  6. Mouth noises ... Hmmm, I seem to only notice these when making out with someone who keeps moaning. I mean, WTF?

    Your girl is a lucky one. Not only for a mom like you, but for the people surrounding her.

  7. The doctor's office thing kills me! My peds doc is about and hour from my house. I love the office BUT when it's 5p the day before a major holiday I'm going to take my kid to the urgency center 15 minutes from my house. She had an ear infection. The ped's nurse wouldn't answer my questions this week unless I brought her in first. Because they couldn't know for sure if my kid really had an ear infection or not. WTH? So it's only real if THOSE doc's diagnose it?


    Ditto on the mouth noises. I do not want to see or hear your food. BTW? It's dead don't have to chomp it to death AGAIN

  8. That sucks about the doctor's office. Maybe a different office would be more understanding? But it sucks to find a new doctor.

    Great that your dad spoils your girl. For years my dad would try to discipline my kids. We finally convinced him his job was to just be grandpa and give them treats and look the other way. He's trying. I actually can't wait to spoil the shit out of my grandkids when my kids bring me some!

  9. Ooooh, cracking gum drives me insane as well. Seriously, I'll cut you if you do that shit!

  10. Mouth noises are the worst. Especially when someone is eating. Or has a phlegmy throat but won't clear it so it sounds like they're gargling snot. (Sorry if that was too gross.)

  11. SO sorry you had to bend over and take it!!

  12. can you switch doctors? that just isn't fair

  13. Add me to the cheering throng who says that there must be another pediatric practice nearby that doesn't punish you for having a kid who isn't in school. Where do you live, 1940?

    Hats off to you for keeping it together, even when the bastards make it tough.

  14. How are you doing? You haven't blogged in a week. Hope all is well.